Friday, 7 February 2014

Video Review - ABCD

by Ngaiire
Album: Lamentations (out now)

"We only die once, not twice..."

I was thrilled to see Ngaiire teasing the release of a video for her track 'ABCD' a couple of weeks ago. The track was an absolute standout on her debut album, Lamentations and more than worthy of earning release as a single. It holds beautiful melodies, superb lyrics and a knockout vocal performance from our leading lady and I just know you (yes, YOU!) are going to love the track. Ngairre revealed the stunning black and white clip on her Facebook page last night and I'm confident you (again, yes, YOU!) will love it too. 

Darryl Thoms steps into the Director's chair for Ngairre once more, after collaborating with her on one of last year's most memorable videos, 'Dirty Hercules'. 'ABCD' is equally arresting visually as the previous clip, employing somewhat of a 'less is more' method. For four minutes we're treated to striking black and white shots of Ngaiire performing the song on the piano. Everything builds to a powerful, single-tear moment that's definitely more 'Nothing Compares 2 U' than 'Wrecking Ball'. 

There's never any doubt as to what this video is selling. It's all about the song, 'ABCD' and when the song is as good as this you don't need any bells and whistles, unnecessary melodrama, sledgehammer licking or motorcycle rides with Kim Kardashian to hold an audience's attention. This video, like the song, is all class and it's easily my favourite clip of 2014 so far. 

Matt Bond gives the video for 'ABCD' four Beyonce heads out of five...

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