Monday, 17 February 2014

Video Review - Bury Me

Bury Me
by JP Klipspringer

I thought one word but I had numerous questions when I first saw this clip. The questions were:

Q: Who is JP Klipspringer?

A: JP Klipspringer is a little project by a guy named Jack Poulson who happens to reside in Melbourne. This is the second single from this little project, but details are so dull when the music is so good.

Q: Where is this magical forest that so many beautiful clips seem to be set in and why aren't I there?

A: I'm going to assume this magical forest must be somewhere cooler than where I live. In every clip I see set in said magical forest, the people are dressed so astonishingly well, all rugged up in clothes I only dream of wearing while I swelter at my laptop. They are always looking so longingly at each other and the trees, staring into an abyss that must only be seen from this magical forest and there is always something a bit sinister about this forest, like there is something lurking behind a tree, waiting to attack or give you sandwiches. I must find this forest. I like sandwiches and it looks so fabulous.

Q: How can I possibly have existed before this song? 

A: I don't really know. This is so incredibly beautiful I have listened to it so many times it's almost becoming an obsession. The keys, the beats, the voice, they all meld so beautifully into each other and become such a sense of comfort I don't know whether to dance or cry when it starts. A little bit of dancing when I think I know what the words are and a little bit of crying when I realise what they are. Maybe a little of both. Damn, this is so good. You know that saying about what has been seen cannot be unseen? I'm so glad. I never want to not know this song is in the world.

So that brings us to the words I thought when I first heard this song and saw this clip. I write for a blog, but I'm no wordsmith. It was simple, but it describes the feelings and the thoughts so well. Just press play and say it slowly and you'll understand.


Jo Michelmore gives 'Bury Me' four and a half Thom Yorke heads out of five...

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