Saturday, 1 February 2014

Video Review - Free Of Fear

Free of Fear
by Client Liaison

I can't explain why I like this so much. If I could explain that, then I'd be able to to explain why this clip features cyclists, crocodiles, briefcases and turtle neck shirts.

I can't explain the addictive sound. If I could explain that, I'd have written a song that sounds exactly like the Pet Shop Boys in the mid 80s and I'd be featuring on JJJ as well.

I can't explain the images. If I could explain that, there'd be words like 'retro-fabulous' and 'slightly uncomfortable' and 'a little bit familiar and a little bit weird' and 'seriously, have you seen that guys hair"?

I can't explain who Client Liaison are. If I could explain that, it would take away from the magic of a duo who came straight from 1987 and landed right in 2014, dressed in badly fitting suits with the sleeves pushed up and the belts worn tight. I wouldn't want to spoil that magic.

I can't explain just how much I like this. If I could explain that, I'd be able to describe my love for terrible choreography, retro branding, high pants and the myth of Fosters beer.

I can't explain any of these things. I don't want to. Some things must go without explanation because they're just so freakin fun. Client Liaison. Enjoy. No explanation needed.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Free Of Fear' four Kylie heads out of five...   

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