Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Where Is My Mind? - Everyone Does It

Do you think Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend do it even with a driver in the car?

Everyone's Done It
by Jo Michelmore

Everyone does it. I've admitted it a million times on this here blog. I've admitted it a million times not on this here blog. Probably more than a million times. In fact, I quite happily do it, loudly. I don't care who's watching. Or listening.

Someone I know posted something on facebook about doing it in the car with the windows down and nearby roadworks, while Christina Aguilera was playing.

Everyone who can, does it, no matter how much you deny it. I was doing this the other day with someone and afterwards we started chatting about the next songs to do this to. Their opinions were a little different to mine, which was awkward, since we'd just done it. Once I started chatting about it, I realised how wide and varied everyone's tastes are. So I asked a few people I knew what they thought were the best songs to do this to and the answers I got were wide and varied and since we left off last week on a song I've done this lots of times to, that is LOTS of times, let's look at some songs some others like to do this to.

How appropriate. We left on The Flaming Lips and we start with Eternal Flame. I think this one would be a little depressing to do this with, but you know, as I say, each to their own.

From one girl group to another, this one intrigues me. Cause which bits do you like the best, the vocal gymnastics or the 'whoa' every line in the chorus? I mean, the 'whoa' would obviously be the easiest part while you're pre-occupied with other activities, but who's to say?

Interesting choice, right? Some would like your Eminems, some would prefer your old school Beastie Boys, but the person I was doing this with recently not only chooses Mr Beyonce; Jay-Z, but chooses the track with the Broadway sample in it. You really can't judge what turns people on, can you?

One more, because Jay-Z has sampled them, as has one of the people I asked this weird question to. I know I've done it to this band. Hasn't everyone?

There you go, four songs people like to sing along to while driving. You do know I'm talking about driving songs, right? Singing in the car? Everyone does it. Don't you? And yes, this is where is my mind, why? Where is your mind?

Next week? Maybe something a little simpler so your mind doesn't wander so much.

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