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It's My Kind Of Interview - JP Klipspringer

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be introduced to the magical sounds of JP Klipspringer with his incredibly beautiful and almost haunting song 'Bury Me' and it's mysterious and stunning clip. It was the first time we'd heard the magical sounds of JP Klipspringer and the first song of 2014 that gave that "goosebumps-oh-my-god-who-is-this-must-hear-more" feeling for the year. While we can't wait to hear his EP, due for release in March, we've been lucky enough to have Jack Poulson, aka JP Klipspringer, answer some questions and talk to us about the EP, all sorts of music, food and four letter words...

JP Klipspringer
Interview by Jo Michelmore

Hi! Welcome to It’s My Kind Of Scene. We’re a blog, we like music. Who are you? More importantly, how are you and what do you like?

Jack: Thanks for having me! I’m Jack, just released a new single as JP Klipspringer.

Who is JP Klipspringer? Who else is involved and is JP a person? A place? A thing?

Jack: It’s just the name of my solo side project. I’m in another band called The Zanes, and always wanted to do some solo stuff as well. My real name was too boring, so I picked a character from a favourite book and whacked my initials in front.

We have been introduced to you through your amazing and fabulous song ‘Bury Me’. Tell me about it. When did you write it, how and why? And while we’re at it, how did you make it so freakin good?

Jack: Thanks so much! The song was written about a year ago, and I recorded it quite soon after that. I’ve been sitting on it for a while, and finally decided to make a single edit out of it. The original version went for six and a half minutes - I have a habit of recording fairly long outros! I may put that longer edit on my upcoming EP. The song came together really quickly and was pretty much written in two sittings. One of those moments where things just seemed to click. I’m very happy with the track, and Simon Lam did a great job at producing and engineering the thing.

In your opinion, what makes a great song?

Jack: A song that makes me want to walk faster when I’m listening on my iPod on the way to the station is a song that I’ll love. A song that makes me want to stop driving and have proper listen will also be a great song.

Is ‘Bury Me’ an indication of what to expect in the future from JP Klipspringer? What should we be expecting from your EP (which will be released in March)?

Jack: The rest of the EP is nearly complete. I have one song to finish. The other tracks have a similar aesthetic to Bury Me, with electronic kit sounds and piano riffs finding their way into each song. One of the others is a lot more sparse and dark than Bury Me, while another two are brighter and have some acoustic guitar sprinkled through them. All have harmonies and swirling outros, though, so I guess on that level they’re similar.

There are so many electro-pop artists floating around at the moment, what makes JP Klipspringer special and stand out from the rest?

Jack: I realise there are plenty of these kinds of acts around at the moment. I don’t really consider myself to be one, though. There are elements of electro-pop in my songs, sure, but it’s not a main focus. I still think they’re singer-songwriter type tunes, just with a bit of a contemporary flavour thrown in. A lot of the artists I’d consider electro-pop acts are more concerned with creating interesting sounds and finding a killer beat than writing strong lyrics. That works really well for some people, but I try and write songs that would stand alone on an acoustic guitar or piano before I think about adding electronic elements.

Live music is one of my favourite things in the entire world. What’s the JP Klipspringer live experience like? And should we be expecting some shows in the lead up to your EP release?

Jack: I’ve only played one show with the full JP Klip live backing band. It went super well, and we’re confident we achieved what we wanted to with it. The live set is big, lush, layered and entertaining. I’ve grown up watching and playing in rock and pop bands, so an energetic, diverse and funny live set is something I’ve always aimed for. We mix these live rock elements with backing tracks and some electro moves in our live shows as band.

Who are your musical idols and who are your musical influences and are they the same?

Jack: There are so many to list. My favourite songwriter of all time is Elliott Smith, with Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) and Paul Kelly not far behind. They’ve influenced this project is some ways, but so have acts further down my idol list, like The xx or Primal Scream. I love songwriters and bands who can write and record really beautiful, sensitive pop songs, then whip out a rocking live show that could go in any direction. Counting Crows are the masters of this, in my opinion, despite the fact some people think their only hit is that song from Shrek.

Now, because we’ve only just met and we’ve got the business things out of the way, let’s pretend we’ve both swiped right, make this like our first tinder date and ask all the quick, awkward and get to know you questions…

Put your iTunes on shuffle. Give me the first three songs that pop up.
Jack: Something in the Air by Tom Petty…but I think my shuffle function is begin a little lazy. I was listening to that album last night.

And while we’re at it, what songs don’t you like?
Jack: That Thrift Shop song that won the Hottest 100 a few years ago sucks. I also don’t really like the song that came second that year - Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. It just annoys me a bit.

What is your favourite four letter word and why?  
Jack: Pies. Food and Collingwood.

What would be a question you'd be afraid to tell the truth on?
Jack: This one…

Coolest thing you have ever been for Halloween?
Jack: Honestly, I have never dressed up for Halloween. Sorry!

Neapolitan ice cream; which gets eaten first – strawberry, chocolate or vanilla?
Jack: Chocolate. For sure.

How would your friends describe you in three words?
Jack: That’s enough, mate.

Thanks so much for answering our questions and thanks to you for the amazing song! We can’t wait to hear more. Just one last question to get you thinking and save work for me;

I’m the artist, you’re the blogger, what do you ask me?

Jack: Dear It’s My Kind of Scene. Wanna grab a beer with me? I’m ready.

Right then, we're off to have a beer with Jack. But first we'll just head over to JP Klipspringer on bandcamp to purchase 'Bury Me'. Cheaper than beer and no hangover guaranteed. Excellent. You should do the same. Go on then.

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