Thursday, 6 March 2014

Song Review - Day By Day

Day By Day
by Sons et al.
EP: Godspeed (out 14 March, 2014)

Who doesn't love some chilled out electronic music with really ridiculously smooth vocals? No one. That's who. And since we're all in agreement that we're fans of chilled out electronic music with incredible and really, really ridiculously smooth vocals, we can all agree that 'Day By Day' from Melbourne's Sons et al. is a winner. But a lot of you probably already knew that, with 'Day By Day' being the third single released from the upcoming Godspeed EP. After listening to 'Day By Day' I went and hunted down the previous tracks, 'Misshaped Mouth' and 'Wayward Feet' and was left wondering why no one had pointed these awesome songs out to me before. Huh? Why were you all keeping Sons et al. from me? Jerks.

Anyway... the three tracks are all really good, with 'Day By Day' standing out as my favourite of the bunch. That Godspeed EP is going to be a good one and hey, it's out next week so if you're liking the sounds of Sons et al. you should make sure to get yourself a copy. The production on 'Day By Day' is stellar, which came as no surprise after reading that Jack Arentz from Deja was responsible. And lead vocalist Nicholas Acquroff really does do some impressive vocal work throughout. I'm a big fan of that way he drags out short words throughout the verses. It reminds me of a 90s dance track, but I just can't seem to place it.

I'd be happy to sit down and get lost in the sounds of Sons et al. for hours on end. They're sitting on some quality tracks here and Godspeed promises a couple more. I'm looking forward to hearing what else Acquroff, Kyle Tickell, Lachie Tickell and Josh Poole have to offer.

Matt Bond gives 'Day By Day' four Presets heads out of five...

And you can catch Sons et al. on tour in all these places that aren't Brisbane... 

Friday March 7 - Smiths Alternative Bookstore
Canberra, ACT

Saturday March 8 - Brighton Up Bar
Sydney, NSW

Friday March 28 - Rocket Bar
Adelaide, SA

Saturday April 12 - Shebeen
Melbourne, VIC

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