Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Song Review - Flight

by Our Man In Berlin
EP: Is It Right? (out 2 May 2014)

There was only one word that left my lips when I pressed play on the latest track from one of my Australian faves; Our Man In Berlin. It wasn’t very wise and it wasn’t very creative, but it was honest and that probably means more anyway.


I told you, it wasn’t the most creative reaction to have, but it’s exactly what I said. This wasn’t what I was expecting. I don’t really know what I was expecting. Something slower? Something softer? Something faster? Something else. I don’t really know. 


While I have fallen for the spell of the Perth five piece numerous times over with their previous releases, I was comfortable in their sounds, mesmerising, gentle and beautiful, each track has taken me to a cozy place, safe in the enchantment of Our Man In Berlin. So when those first quick beats came out of my speakers as I hit play on ‘Flight’ I was a little shocked….in the very best way possible. Haydn Mansell’s incredible vocal kicked in quickly and reminded me all was ok, the band, like they have proven with all their tracks, knowing the immense power of light and dark in their sound. With ‘Flight’ it’s the talent of knowing when to let the frantic rush of the beats take the keys on a quick  journey, knowing when to let the quiet chords take charge and knowing how important it is to let everything sit amongst and around a superbly dominant lyric and vocal. It takes Our Man In Berlin on a slightly different path, never far enough away from their beautiful sounds to be alarming, but far enough to remind me that I don’t actually know what to expect and remind me not to underestimate their talent.

That’s over two hundred slightly creative words to describe the only one that really matters, the honest one I said first when I hit play and the one I have a feeling I will be saying a lot when their EP Is It Right? is released in May.


Jo Michelmore gives 'Flight' four and a half Thom Yorke heads out of five...

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