Saturday, 29 March 2014

Song Review - Number One (Heartbreak)

Number One (Heartbreak)
by Bec Laughton
EP: M&R (out soon!?)

A few months back I literally stumbled (not literally) upon a deliciously talented artist in Brisbane City Mall by the name of Bec Laughton. The first song she played for the gathering of bodies in front of her was one called Number One (Heartbreak) and guess what? Uhuh, it’s her new single. Luckily I had the foresight (or prematurely fangirling) to video that said performance so that everyone can see/hear that this voice is 100% pure real and effortlessly gorgeous.

Number One (Heartbreak) in it’s subject matter is kind of a critique in a way of the classic heartbreak song and asks the question in a very 2013 “can I market my emotions?” kind of way, but then questions the logic of making ones self-marketable by exposing those raw emotions and also the burning need some creative souls have to write about the tough times as a self-release.  Bec drives the Joss Stone/Adele modern retro vibes with her gorgeous voice that effortlessly slides between jazz and pop tones throughout the down tempo track that gently falls over the ears like a summer drizzle.

“And how long does it take to change a season coz this winter cold is killing me.” Oh girl I can relate, both figuratively and literally. “They say that heartbreak makes the best songs/but I know I’d rather not have written this one/and I don’t care even if it were to be a number one/coz I can’t escape lovin you”. I’m pretty sure I could write a number one. Bec you wanna do a collab? I’m super fly for a white guy…

While 'Number One' isn’t the kind of song that reaches right into my sensitive areas and leaves me a blubbering mess, it’s lighter emotional touches aren’t left without reaction and it still brings the feels, mostly through B-Lau’s impeccable vocal prowess. That’s a vocal strength that translates equally well live and regardless of subject matter is capable of sending chills down my spine.

Bec Laughton’s Number One (Heartbreak) is out right now and is eager to climb in your ear holes and infect your brain with it’s catchy pop-jazz hooks.

Nayt Housman gives 'Number One (Heartbreak)' three and a half Joss Stone heads out of five...

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