Thursday, 13 March 2014

Song Review - When We're Older

When We're Older
by Mia Dyson
Album: due 2014 (head over to to make it happen!)

I’ve always loved rock music. I can remember being a little girl and rocking out in my lounge room, swinging my hair around to whatever my older brothers were listening to, or making me listen to. Come to think of it, things haven’t changed that much. The venue is a little different, but (almost) everything else remains the same.

Maybe it's the girl-rocker-take-no-prisoners-voice and the cutting guitars in Mia Dyson’s latest single ‘When We’re Older’ that must have made me think about my lifetime love of rock, but it’s kind of  funny that a song about being older made me think of being younger. However, let’s not question how long ago it was that I was a little girl. Let’s just appreciate that Mia Dyson must be doing something right to remind me of all those American style girl rockers I’ve always loved, there’s a certain sound in this song that takes me to all the good rock songs with a pop edge from the past and that doesn’t mean it sounds old, it just means it sounds solid, like all rock/pop music should. It starts with the guitar riff that jolts you awake at the beginning and ends with one line running around and around your head long after the three minutes are over.

Funny, it may not have been my conscious thought as a youngster, rocking some air guitar, drumming on the coffee table and kicking my feet all over my parents lounge room, but the feeling was always there. I’ve always loved rock music and I hope I always will. Like Mia sings again and again; “I wanna love you when we’re older….”

Jo Michelmore gives 'When We're Older' four Shirley Manson heads out of five...

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