Thursday, 24 April 2014

A to Z - B is for Britney

It's completely up to you which part of the B you'd prefer to be

The A to Z of Pop
by Jo Michelmore

So after A comes B. You get how this A to Z thing is going to work now, right? I'll even let you guess what comes next week. You clever clogs. There's a hint. Until then, here we are, the second instalment of the A to Z of Pop. Welcome to B.

When one is faced with the concept of the letter B and pop music, there's a lot of options, but one stood out clearly in my mind from the very first thought. I could have thought Backstreet Boys, which is quite impressive as a double B, but while the Backstreet Boys have spent their time whining about their little broken hearts, my favourite B pop star has spent her career singing about playing games with boys hearts.

'Oops I Did It Again'? Yes, she did. Shut up Backstreet.

I could have gone back to the 90s and gone for another double B in Bobby Brown, but really, who was he without Whitney, who will no doubt appear later in the alphabet (H or W, your guess is as good as mine) and all he's ever done is made a non-existent career out of landing himself in jail, making a general nuisance of himself and thinking he had something special for the ladies. My favourite B pop star on the other hand has spent her time putting people like ol' Bobby in his place.

Bobby Brown, you sir are a 'Womanizer', and not an attractive one at that.

I could have gone for the obvious one, the one I'm sure many would say I should have named this B after, but I have a good reason not to. I'm not going to deny the pop talent of Beyonce, but there's one thing that my favourite B pop star has over her and it's quite simple really.

Britney? She may have made her fair share of mistakes, but she didn't marry Jay-Z. Britney wins. 

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