Thursday, 10 April 2014

EP Review - Linger

Linger EP
by Midnight Pool Party (out now)

When I was a younger, I had these crazy-not-so-crazy ideas of what life would be like once I was old enough to earn some sweet cash, drive myself places, hang out with the hundreds of friends I was bound to have, drink fancy coloured cocktails in tall glasses and wear incredibly awesome dresses accessorised by the most impressive jewels this side of...ok, you get the picture. I had some imagination, because while some of those things happened (I do have an impressive dress collection, it can't be denied) the hundreds of friends turned out to be some really, really good friends with a bunch of acquaintances and the drinking cocktails in fancy glasses didn't necessarily go hand in hand with the driving part, thankfully.

Why the reminiscing? 'Cause that little teenage fantasy is exactly where my mind went when I hit play on the latest EP/single from Sydney's fabulously disco duo, Midnight Pool Party. It's all about the party, it's all about the clothes, the dancing, the fun fun fun on any given night. Three different slightly different versions of the same night, each like the same awesome party in a slightly different venue (with a different fabulous dress each time of course).

The first track, the original 'Linger' is exactly the party that must have inspired this Sydney based duo's name, it's a midnight pool party anthem, with such a strog bass line to pull you through the midnight hour, dancing like you'll never stop. The second version and third track, 'Linger (Luke Million Remix)' is destined for somewhere in a cheesy nightclub in the 70s, all light up floors and gold lame flares, while the fourth track, 'Linger (Sondrio Remix)' is the party post 3am, in someones amazing venue, with a lot of strange dance movements that only make sense to those making them, a lot of tall glass fancy coloured cocktails and probably only the people who showed up after 2am anyway, because they all had somewhere else much less cool to be before that. Stick the cute little second track 'Disco Delight' in there, make it all strobe lights and hands in the air and you got yourself a party with a pretty impressive four song soundtrack or Midnight Pool Party's little EP.  Both are good.

The disco in this can't be denied, it's disco, it's funk, even the remixes are proud to be both, it's awesome and it's every party I ever wished I went to. In fact, it is some parties I've been to and that reminds me of all those fabulous dresses I own and that makes me smile.

Jo Michelmore gives Linger three Roison Murphy heads out of five...

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