Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Medicine Cabinet #14

Music Is My Medicine
by Nayt Housman

Music is my medicine. Is it yours? I ask the public six golden questions to find out if and how they use music to feed the soul.

 Joseph by Nayt Housman

Today I had a sassy Gold Coast local in my music clinic, 18 year old Joseph, who is really passionate about fashion, music and of course world peace. When asked if he was ready for a probing he responded, “Born ready. My eyelashes though, were not.” Lolz…so what musical pills does Joseph take to keep him in tiptop shape?

Who are at least three musicians or groups flick your switch and turn up the volume?

Joseph: Tyga, Brooke candy and Kesha without a doubt.

Why are they the pills that cure your ills?

Joseph: Tyga music is just so soulful and passionate about things like the relationship between a pimp and his hoes, that's great. Brooke Candy’s music is just really strong with her messages and up beat. Kesha is just like, so my soul. My relationship with Kesha is just so spiritual she's just like, so my spirit animal. I guess those three people give me the things everybody needs in life, passion, strength and spirituality.

What kind of high do they give you?

Joseph: An emotional high, it's deeply spiritual.

Dis bitch is so up beat coz she ding dang done gone beat up every ho in her hood GRRRRRL

When do you find yourself craving musical relief?

Joseph: When I need to think. It really stimulates my thought process, that or when I'm working out, but it can become a distraction.

Kesha speaks 'spirit animal' in ‘Blow’, which roughly translates to 
gag/swallow/eat a fist/love? Praise cheeses. 

 Where does music take you?

Joseph: It physically takes me nowhere but mentally I find it really thought provoking, it's good to think sometimes. It usually makes me think about the future and generally the VMA's. What the song would look like as a live performance.

Tyga takes a gurrrl to Rack City to see the sights, like the Leaning Rack of Silicone?

How do you share your music love?

Joseph: I sing it loudly. Wherever and whenever.

Ke$h dawg shares it with dirty love…

“If you're having a bad hair day don't be sad, wear a wig!” These are some wise words imparted from Joseph during our consultation and this is something that all of us can carry through life when we need a lift. Brooke Candy takes it one step further and when she’s having a bad hair day she just throws a few chameleons in there and BAM, style.

So what can we all take from this? I think if it’s not fierce, frolicking and fabulous then FUCK IT! You are not my dad and you never will be! I’ll do what the hell I want, when I want and where I want, with who ever I want in whatever hole I want! When in doubt defy, deny and supply.

I shall dub this the 'Nice wig Janis. What’s it made of?' effect. When yo over brushing off the dirt of the day, the only way to get the pay is to slay. Throw dat shade like it’s no ones business, turn it into hip-hop, while you get off, and yo daddy drops off, the motha funkin keys, to the Bentley, so you can sleaze coz you rent-free. This is the life, coz you don’t care, about yo daddy dippin mom’s chest hair!

Doctor Nayt’s prescription is to face that shit head-on. The days are getting to you? Well you just get all up in their grill with an attitude as big as Brooke Candy’s natural d-cup boobs hair, as bad as Ke$ha/Kesha’s morning breath, you shake your money makin' junk in their face and vomit sass like it’s a Salmonella party. What follows doesn’t matter; it’s all about the release.

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  1. Are these the answers of a retard or just someone so conceited they've got their head up their ass. :)


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