Friday, 18 April 2014

Video Review - Frameless

by Hudson and Troop
EP: Daytrip Enquiries (out 2014, please?)

Well then, this was unexpected. Just innocently sitting in my house, cruising the internet on my ipad, clicking on this and that but not expecting much when what should appear in front of me but the image of a man in a blue monster suit and a name, Hudson and Troop. "This looks fun" I said to myself but what happened next took me totally and completely by surprise.

Essentially, it's a guy in a costume, playing the part of a monster, living any day in any monster's (read: anyones) dreary life. Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? I don't know. This shouldn't be so interesting, this shouldn't be sweet, this shouldn't be emotional but it's a testament to the talent of Oh Yeah Wow, the creators, for shooting such a tale in a such an unusual and beautiful way and it's a testament to the talent of Hudson and Troop for writing a song that speaks to all of us at some stage in our lives. The longing for companionship and the yearning for acceptance, we all face it and it seems some blue monsters do too. 

I'm not really sure how a big blue monster can be equally depressing and uplifting, and I'm not really sure how I became emotionally attached to a smoking, lost, somewhat violent, big eared creature; but it happened. Maybe it wasn't meant to be this serious, maybe it was meant to be a dark comedy and it probably says more about me than the performers and creators that I adore this so much, because maybe that little sense of needing acceptance is closer to the surface than I'm generally willing to admit. Either way, I'm in love with this clip and I'm in love with this song and I've got that little line stuck in my head, 'cause essentially, it's true: "Yeah this love it aches for more..."

Jo Michelmore gives Frameless four Gotye heads out of five... 

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