Thursday, 22 May 2014

The A to Z of Pop - F is for WT...F?

Human F. Exactly. WTF?

The A to Z of Pop
by Jo Michelmore

See, the thing is, if this was an A to Z of rock, I'd be sorted. I thought of three that begin with F, immediately. Two of them some of my favourite artists, ever. But pop? That's another story. So that got me thinking, what the F am I going to write about for the F in the A to Z of Pop? Then that got me thinking, WTF? Damn right, if I think about it, pop music is full of them. Matt pointed one out earlier this week when he reviewed the latest Kylie clip...

I mean, we all love a bit of Kylie, but really, WTF?

Which reminded me of someone else who has spent a fair portion of time in recent years trying to remain relevant by also appearing as a judge on a TV talent show. Ronan Keating performed one of the most annoying-ly titled songs, ever; 'When You Say Nothing At All'. So what he's saying is that he prefers it when his said loved one shuts up. Ronan, WTF?

Which then made me think, in all boy bands, why is their always an unattractive one? WTF?

Which was probably a controversial question to 1D devotees, everywhere. As is my opinion of Sia performing on Ellen this week. I mean, love, if you don't wanna actually perform, then why don't you just keep selling your best pop songs to Rihanna instead? WTF? But, really, it's pop music and the WTF is half the fun. WTF indeed.

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