Thursday, 8 May 2014

The A to Z of Pop - D is for Celine, As In Dion.

"Oi. Yellow. Stop standing on my toes"

The A to Z of Pop
by Jo Michelmore

I have an interesting relationship with the letters of the alphabet. Some of them I don't like. There's probably some pseudo-psychological-past-lives-childhood-trauma reason I really don't think much of the letters G or U but the reason I don't like D is probably just dumb. The thing is, why should I like it? In all my (three) names, D doesn't appear once. I have no connection to D. D is average. Which is what inspired this week's letter. I could have mentioned a d-groovy, d-gorgeous D band that was mentioned to me (and then a song that was subsequently sung to me) when discussing this pop-phabet...

...but that wouldn't go with my D is average theme, because I like that song (and honestly, who doesn't?) Instead we'll look at someone else. Someone like this...

Even if you're not old enough to remember the 90s, you know how everyone talks about them like some kind of magical time filled with amazing music of every genre? Well, it wasn't all good. Example one: Dr Alban.

Ol' Darren Hayes. They'd probably have called him Dazza back in Logan. This will make no sense to anyone outside the Brisbane region. Go with it. He's spent so much of the last few years talking about his sexuality, moving to London and his thoughts on Katy Perry, but all any of us really want is for him to start singing about chica cherry cola again.

Which brings me to someone Dazza liked to hang out with for a bit there in the early parts of last decade. Ol' Delta. Well, she is old now. Where is she? Replaced by someone much shorter than herself on the judging panel on The (Australian) Voice, I think this song was the turning point in her current mysterious disappearance. What was she thinking? She's tall enough as it is. Don't stand up at a piano Delta, you look like gigantor.

I suppose that should bring me to another Australian, who has also done her time on talent show judging panels. Remember that thing I said about the 90s not being all awesome? Example number two: Dannii Minogue.

Let's end on something a little odd but this is my D-amn blog post so I'll make the alphabet do whatever I want. Anyway, I was reminded of this clip by some of my fellow bloggers the other day and this here blog post was a good excuse to watch it again. Yes, not C for Celine, it's D for Dion and Celine Dion is fucking amazing. You know it and if you don't, you haven't watched this clip yet.

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