Friday, 30 May 2014

Video Review - Buck Up And Pay The Reaper

Buck Up And Pay The Reaper
by Dear Plastic

Nayt: Imagine a cauldron bubbling away with the machinations, emotions, insecurities and impulses of several minds that boil up and overflow as a bristling tune, fizzing and prickling with powerfully uneasy vocals, moaning guitar and nervously lashing drums. The result being 'Buck Up And Pay The Reaper' by Melbourne’s Dear Plastic, which is a dark, beautiful George/Bjork-esque indie rock song, that utilises heavy atmosphere to capture and tangle simple poetry that wriggles tantalisingly like a fly in a spiders web.

Jo: It's funny how these things are. Dear Plastic have been a fave of our very own Lou's for a little while now. A five piece from Melbourne, they're everything she has said in only the fabulous way Lou can say things; "squelchy trip hop beats with dark and dramatic swells", "immediately engaging", and "very unique, very original and for lovers of all things left of centre"; kind of like our fabulous Lou herself. I'm still yet to declare myself a full time fan, but it can't be denied, this is a moody little band capable of some special sounds. I can see why Lou likes them so much. Which brings us to a little song Lou reviewed for us back in March and now we're lucky enough to watch the new video clip that goes with it.

Nayt: That’s the good but there is bad, depending how you view it… The video, Urrrgh. What to say? On one hand you have this powerful and gorgeously brooding song and on the other hand there’s an oozing potato nipple and a few awkward looking band members who look like they’re drinking tea and thinking they’re getting high for the first time while acting like awkward teenagers. A song this amazing with vocals this penetrating is deserving of an equally brooding video to accompany it. I get what they’re trying to be quirky but it doesn’t do the song any favours and I wish I’d heard the song without seeing this.

Jo: It's funny how video clips work. Some are worth watching over and over again, some are confronting, some have absolutely nothing to do with the song they exist for and some ask questions of the viewer. This little clip has elements of some of those things, but I'm not going to say too much and leave it up to the viewer (that's you readers, hit play!) to decide which. What I will say is that I kinda like it. Its concept is cute, its story a little confusing and confronting in a really, really simple way, I finally get to see who all of the cuties in Dear Plastic are and they all seem to like something that I adore, which doesn't involve potatoes or illicit dealings but something much more simple and delightful.

Nayt: So I’m going to pretend I’ve never seen this video and just focus on how gorgeous this song it. It’s got the right magic to make me fall in love with Dear Plastic. 'Buck Up And Pay The Reaper' is a brilliant left field, avante-pop song with vibrant, expressive vocals, a deliciously moody vibe and some sweetly sinful lyrics. I’m not a harsh critic and seeing as they’re fairly new kids on the block I won’t read them to filth for the little visual faux pas but it is my opinion and it does give me slight stink face to watch while I’m trying to enjoy a grand song.

Jo: It's funny how sometimes all it takes is a conversation, a little controversy and a little video clip for you to recognise something you may not have noticed before. A couple of days ago, thanks to Lou, I knew who Dear Plastic were, but I wouldn't have been able to say much more. Thanks to my fellow bloggers, a little conversation, a quick press of play and some visuals have made me take more notice of a song than I had ever bothered in the weeks before. The clip, it's a little bit odd, a little bit funny, a little bit cute and it involves cups of tea, how could I not like it?

Nayt Housman and Jo Michelmore both give Buck Up And Pay The Reaper three Bjork heads...

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