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It's My Kind Of Interview - Bec Laughton

We first met Bec Laughton when Nayt stumbled across her performing in middle of Brisbane City at the start of this year and pulled her into the second ever edition of his Medicine Cabinet (not in a creepy way). since then, she's played Music Matters in Singapore, released an EP, is currently on tour and later this year is heading to the big New York City after being awarded the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Young and Emerging Artists Fellowship. She's been busy, but kindly sat down to answer a few (more) questions Nayt had to ask.

Interview by Nayt Housman

Hi Bec! Thanks a bunch for having a cyber chitchat with us. For those future fans out there tell us about what your music is and who it's for?

Bec: Hello future fans. How are you? Haha. My music is for any one on the R&B loving end of the spectrum. Lovers of soul, reggae, hip hop, folk, dance… pretty much anyone who’s not a rock or metal head. Sorry those guys.

When I last saw you it was January in the Brisbane city mall when you played a free gig and I probed your brain about music as medicine. I know you've been a busy girl since so tell us what you've have you been up to?

Bec: Haha oh yeah good times! This year has been ridiculous. I hit the ground running with the M & R National Tour. Can’t wait to be on the road round Perth and everywhere. Then in August I’m doing a mentorship in NYC for which I’ve been awarded the Lord Mayor’s Young and Emerging Artists Fellowship! Thank you Brisbane City Council!

Congrats on your new EP M&R! Is it like having a new child to nurture and propel forth into the big wide world?

Bec: Haha yes, a child that you’ve been pregnant with for two years and takes up all of your time and income. But once it’s born luckily you don’t have to feed it or clean up after it … just show it off to everyone you know. And hope that it’s not one of those babies people say are cute but really looks like an alien.

I'm in love with the title track from the EP and the video is ridiculous and epic in the best kind of way. How did you come up with the concept for it (can I be an extra next time you shoot a fun vid like that)?

Bec: The M & R video was definitely the most epic and ridiculous thing I’ve ever shot! I’ve always wanted to have a marching band in a film clip and it worked perfectly for this song with the awesome horn line from Chops Horns USA (Alicia Keys). I also wanted to feature some of the beautiful kids I used to teach at Danzart, then when we came up with the operation theme and set it in a college, it all tied together. I always love those film clips of the ‘unexpected dancer’, like the Fat Boy Slim film clip ‘Weapon of Choice’ film clip. The ending was very much inspired by my love of old musical movies with Gene Kelly., in particular a song from Singin In The Rain; ‘All I Do Is Dream Of You’. I’ve always wanted to perform some hectic choreography in a clip and at last mission complete! And YESSS you can totally be in my next video!

What was your inspiration for the bodies of work that make up M&R?

 Bec: The inspiration for all the tracks on M & R are quite different, and all written at really different times in my life actually. The title track was a hook I wrote while I was still studying years ago when I wasn’t doing much with my music yet. 'Number One' and 'Darkest Love' both come out of a similar place but from the start and then end of my heartbreak journey. Then 'Gonna Love You' I wrote when I got back from America last year, it was a poke at this thing that we all call love and how so many people are just attached to someone else in a parasitic way.

As a "creative type" myself, sometimes I worry I'll run out of ideas/mojo. How do you keep the creative juices flowing to feed your Music & Rhythm (see what I did there?)?

Bec: I like what you did there. There are definitely seasons of dry spells, and much like a panic attack, you’ve just got to roll with it until it’s over. Enjoying whatever season you’re in. Because there’s nothing worse for me than forcing it, or being in a place where you feel like you’re trying too hard. I feel like inspiration is always there and music is always coming out, you’ve just got to trust your instincts and never put too high an expectation on yourself. I always think, maybe this will be the best song I’ve ever written, or maybe it will just be a beautiful song to sing this morning. The less pressure the better and the more wild and free the creativity.

If you could smoosh any of your music idols together to make a super idol who would you mash and what would their first single be called?

Bec: I would mash together Lauryn Hill, Harry Connick Jnr and Jim Carrey! What?? I don’t know I just think they’re all super cool humans and so curious as to what the combo would look like! Their first single would be called 'Doo Wop Mississippi Alrighty Then'.

What is your fave song of your own and what makes it sit in that special place for you?

Bec: Ha, cool question. I definitely always have a soft spot for my song ‘Girl By the Fire’. I just came out of a really vulnerable and honest place. And being a person who’s constantly in the spot light, a nice place to retreat to sometimes. But lately my favourite is a new song I’ve written called Wildly (Redhead) because it’s super cheeky, super honest and makes reference to my 1993 Corolla named Loretta.

If you weren’t doing music right now in your life what do you think you'd be doing?

Bec: If I wasn’t working in music I’m pretty sure I’d be working in film. I love writing, directing and have always wanted to be a location scout! I actually wanted to be an actor for all of my childhood and hopefully I can dabble in it one day. It’s a funny industry though and can be very plastic though so I’d want to make sure I never get sucked in to that.

It may be a little early to ask but what has been your highlight so far in 2014?

Bec: There have been SO many amazing things happen this year. But I foresee that the highlight will be going to New York City in August to work with a Grammy Award Winning artist!! We’re writing and recording for a month and I CAN’T WAIT! Can’t reveal WHO it is just yet ...

What can we, as fans look forward to for the second half of the year?

Bec: Well there will be some new music coming out of the NYC trip and then I’ll return home to play some mega fun festivals! And perhaps on the cards is my first ever New Zealand tour ;)

Now this is my fave stupid question to ask so bear with me. If your music was a household appliance what would it be and why?

Bec: A microwave because it affects you from the inside out. But if you don’t spin around it might not have the full affect.

Thanks to Bec for stopping by! You can catch her at any of her M&R shows around the country....

Thursday, 19th June at the Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Sunday, 22nd June at the Beach Hotel, Byron Bay
Friday, 27th June at The Odd Fellow, Fremantle
Saturday, 28th June at The Settlers Tavern, Margaret River
Sunday, 29th June at The Aviary, Perth
Sunday, 3rd August at The Toff In Town, Melbourne
Monday, 4th August at The Golden Vine, Bendigo

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