Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Song Review - Confines

by Tesla Coil (available now on bandcamp!)

Let me tell you a little story and while I tell it, I want you to pretend you're the main character. It's been another long day at work (inside, outside, wherever you happen to be), let's just imagine it was one of those days. You know the ones. Everyone seems to be from another planet and speaking some kind of language similar to what you know, but nothing really makes sense. Or maybe it does but you just couldn't be bothered making sense of it. The minutes felt like hours and the hours felt like days and by the time it got to the end it was already dark, cold and you were more than a little annoyed. You know exactly those days, don't you? 

Now stick with me and pretend you've just got home from said long day and finally you've some time to chill. What do you do? Beverage? Sit down? Shoes off? All of those things, and also this. You hit play on a little song you first heard about over the oh-so-long-ago weekend and that long, long day you've just merely existed through suddenly disappears in the sounds of drums and catchy little guitar riffs and a vocal reminiscent of something from the 90s, but the good 90s, not the annoying type. It's a rocking little tune and there's an addictive bass line that drags you through the three and a half minutes making you nod your head, but the best part is probably when you get to about fifteen seconds from the end and think "Wait! What is that sound?" while your ears are treated to...is that a flute of some description and it all rounds out perfectly. 

That may have been a little story to you, but to me that was my day and the song? Not imaginary at all, it's a catchy little alt-pop-indie track called 'Confines' from independent Brisbane band Tesla Coil. It may not change the world, but it certainly put a smile on my face after a long day at work and that's all I ask of some songs to do. This one did it twice over and if I can predict the future, I think it will do it again, as soon as I finish typing these words. Lucky you don't have to pretend to be in the story either, because you can just press play and hear it all for yourself. Looking forward to more songs of escape from this super cute Brisbane three piece. 
Jo Michelmore gives 'Confines' three and a half Jack White heads out of five...

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