Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Song Review - Dust

by Little May

While I haven't quite reached stalker status yet, I have spent quite a bit of time checking out Little May's Facebook page this year to keep an eye and ear out for a follow up to their previous single 'Hide'. Throughout 2014 I've seen Liz Drummond, Annie Hamilton and Hannah Field appear as regulars on the triple j hitlist, added to the Splendour in the Grass line-up, announced as performers at BIGSOUND Live and earn a whole bunch of love for their music at home and abroad, which has taken them all the way to almost a million plays on Soundcloud. What I was really waiting for was another fine piece of perfectly crafted music and so I find myself sitting here on a pebble beach in Brighton as the sun rises, listening to Little May's new single 'Dust' and the ladies did not disappoint on that whole 'fine piece of perfectly crafted music' front. Like there was ever any doubt.

With each new release, 'Dust' being their third single following 'Boardwalks' and 'Hide', Little May are strengthening the foundation of their 'brand' and building up their own special corner of the music world. Like the previous tracks, 'Dust' shows off just how good the three vocalists are, especially when we get to hear those killer harmonies. Ridiculously good. Like the previous tracks, 'Dust' is as compelling lyrically as the music itself, solidifying Little May's burgeoning status as the next great storytellers. Like the previous tracks, 'Dust' transforms, with light, acoustic guitars building upon themselves, introducing new layers and thundering drums that race to the finish line. You don't want it to end, so you find yourself ready to head back to the start just as the song is coming to a close.

What really makes me a fan of Little May, is that with so many similarities on paper, 'Dust' is still so unlike the previous tracks. They make songs that have a familiarity to the Little May sound, but they don't make songs that sound the same. Each of their releases so far has a distinct identity that you know belongs to these future superstars. The Little May formula works and it just might sound best on 'Dust'. I love it all, but it's the pay off with those final lines that leaves me, once again, completely charmed by this powerful trio.

"Take me back to summer, when the nights are getting warmer, and I miss you, I still miss you." Looks like it's back to not-stalking (stated for legal reasons, obviously) until we get to hear more from Little May.

Matt Bond gives 'Dust' five Amanda Palmer heads out of five....

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