Friday, 27 June 2014

Song Review - Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen
by White Summer (available on bandcamp)

Don’t get me wrong, I love my electronic, I love my pop, I love my folksie tunes, I love some country influence every now and then. Ok, I’ll admit, sometimes often. But sometimes, once in while, I crave something else.  Something simple. Something the teenage angsty me that hangs around like a bad smell some days could really relate to. You know, the girl who just wants to yell at someone. That’s why sometimes it’s good to just hear some rock. And when I say rock, I mean some simple, straightforward rocks rock. You know, there’s a lot of sounds in the world and sometimes, all you want to hear are some guitars, a voice and some drums. That’s why pressing play on the new single from White Summer was so enjoyable this week.

It starts quietly, simply in a rock sense. The voice of Jimmy Stanfield (excellent rock name, by the way) and the guitars of Michael Barnsley and Anthony Zielke and their guitars that mean business from the first chord. Add the drums of Alex Ziekle (who, without much research I’m assuming is Anthony’s brother, unless two Ziekle’s just happened to start hanging out together) and you have yourself a smashing, rollicking rock song deserving of being heard live. The entire way through I can picture nothing but a dark room like a million I’ve visited and a stage and some lights and that teenage me, desperate to get to every gig I wasn’t allowed to get to adoring the screaming singer and all his anguish.

They’re sounds I don’t hear every day, but when I do, I remember just how much I like the rock music. Guitars, drums, voice. Simple. Pure. Awesome and some days there’s nothing better than indulging the rock chick in me that likes to come out and play every now and then.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Smoke Screen' three Jack White heads out of five...

And...White Summer are currently mid way through their 'Smoke Screen' tour which you can still catch at these places if you're lucky!

Friday 27th June at The Royal Oak, Launceston

Saturday 28th June at the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart

Saturday 12th July at The Toff In Town, Melbourne

Wednesday 20th August at the Kooroora Hotel, Mt Buller w/ Stonefield and

Thursday 21st Aug at Swindlers Bar, Mt Hotham w/ Stonefield. Go on! You know you want to!


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