Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - It's Not Me, It's You

It's a no deal from Andrew.

It's Not Me, It's You
by Katie Langley

Do you have any deal breakers when it comes to music? If you’d been on a few dates with someone before discovering that they had a love for Skrillex, would you turn and run? Or would you stock up on glow sticks, buy some furry pants and take your date to a rave? How open minded are you?

My friend (yes, really) has found herself questioning all of these things after discovering that her new man friend has a love for Lady Gaga.  He’s in deep too – he recently declared that he likes her old stuff better than her new stuff. Suffice to say my friend isn’t really sure how she feels about this scenario.   

I’m acutely aware of my own questionable taste in music, so would normally consider myself fairly open minded but after navigating Tinder (that’s a blog post for another time) found myself swiping left on anyone who mentioned a love for Australian hip hop. Sorry, not sorry. It’s not me, it’s definitely you.

I decided to ask my friends and family if there were any musicians, bands or songs that would be deal breakers for them. It was a mixed bag of responses. There was a feeling amongst some that liking different music wasn’t a problem – there would be more of a problem if their date wasn’t into music at all. Then there was one friend who said it would be a deal breaker if they didn’t like certain things and I quote “Hate on Queen? Die in a fire”. Then there were these answers…

Human Nature

My friend summed it up best – “I think there is a line where if I met someone and they said Hanson, I’d probably think they were being funny and taking the piss. But if they said Human Nature then I’d absolutely think they were being serious and that would worry me. Do you know what I mean?” Actually, I do. That’s a swipe left for Human Nature.

Justin Bieber

My theory on Justin Bieber is that his main demographic of fans is below 18 or over 50 years of age. Given the age span I’d be willing to date I’m confident that I won’t need to deal with any Bliebers. Right? Surely?

Glee soundtrack

This contribution was given to me by someone who has been in a relationship for nearly a year now. However, she’s only recently found out that her boyfriend is into all things Glee. Hot or not? She says not.


This answer makes me shift a little uncomfortably in my seat because I grew up on all things nu-metal and subsequently have a soft spot in my heart for Korn. But I do concede there is a line between nostalgic love and just plain sad. I think it’s somewhere between ‘Blind’ and ‘Get Up!’.


Admittedly, I had absolutely no idea who Bassnectar were before taking my poll. And honestly, that was a much happier place to be.

Daniel Merriweather’s version of ‘Closer’

If you’re going to cover a classic Nine Inch Nails song, you’d better do it well. Fuck you, Daniel Merriweather. 

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