Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - Time...

... Is On My Side
by Katie Langley

It’s not always love at first sight. Or should I say listen. Hell, it’s not always even like. Depending on your day, your mood and any number of variables particular songs or bands won’t do it for you. If you never heard them again it wouldn’t matter. Or so you think. Until one day, after some time has passed, you hear that song or that band again, but this time in a different way. You start to wonder why you dismissed it so easily before. Why couldn’t I hear how great it is? What took me so long? That’s the thing, isn’t it, we can change our minds.

Band of Skulls

I am only very new to the Band of Skulls bandwagon. They’ve been around for years but I’ve never really picked them up on my radar. Why? I’m not quite sure. A band with the word skulls in the title seems like something I would enjoy. And you know what? They are, and after seeing their concert in Brisbane over the weekend I’m on board.

Kanye West

Now, those that know me would know this isn’t my submission. At this point in time I’m anti Kanye, but who knows, ask me again in 12 months and it may be different, because that’s the thing, we can change our minds. My friend was also anti Kanye, until he saw him live in concert. Maybe that’s what I need to do? See the dude live? If anyone would be so kind as to fund my experience then I’d be happy to put the theory to the test. 

Nine Inch Nails

This might come as a surprise to you but I didn’t always like Nine Inch Nails. Why? I’m not entirely sure – Trent Reznor’s brooding goth act kind of irritated me I suppose (stop laughing, I wear black but I’m not a goth, OK?). Look, it still does, at times, but I choose not to buy into it and have found myself really enjoying their music.

Lady Gaga

Me? I’ve always loved Gaga. But not everyone picks up what she’s putting down. My friend says she lumped Lady Gaga in with all of the other “useless, manufactured pieces of crap” before realising that she is “pretty legit” and “actually has talent”. 

Atari Teenage Riot

I saw Atari Teenage Riot at a Big Day Out a number of years ago and, quite honestly, I fucking hated them. At the time, the electronic influence was just too much for me to get my head around. Fast forward a few years and after being bored with the same monotonous popular music I managed to find my way back to Atari Teenage Riot. The noise, the chaos – I love it.

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