Thursday, 12 June 2014

The A to Z of Pop - I is for It's My Kind Of Scene

I, but that is not necassarily  my kind of scene.

The A to Z of Pop
by Jo Michelmore

Alright kids, here we have arrived at the letter 'I' and in the A to Z of Pop, whatever do you think 'I' would stand for? Ireland? Nah, I'm not writing a blog post about Ronan Keating. Irresponsible? Nah, there's enough of those pop stars around without me chatting about them. Iran? Actually, I don't know any pop stars from Iran, but I bet if I did they'd be awesome. I declare the 'I' be about exactly that - I, as in the person, ME, and you know what about I, as in me? It's about what is MY kind of scene, after all, this here little blog is called It's My Kind Of Scene, so let's talk about that.

So, because I spend a portion of time each week writing for this here blog and if anyone bothered reading it they'd already know what's my kind of scene, I decided to do something a little different and ask my fellow bloggers who they thought my favourite pop stars were. The answers weren't necessarily what I expected.

One of my fellow bloggers picked someone I sometimes forget I like, because, well, she isn't exactly on my mind every day, but well, she did write a song I have karaoked before and she does sing a song that I know has made one of my other fellow bloggers (not naming names) cry on a train, which always makes me laugh (may or may not be the song featured above). I'm a nice person. Really I am. Yep, they were right, I do like Cyndi Lauper and yes, she is part of my kind of scene.

Which brings me to the next person nominated by a fellow blogger, someone I really wasn't expecting to be said, but then, she's been around forever and I am known to like a bit of vintage every now and then, so I guess that's what they were thinking when they said they thought this person was my fave. I have a saying about fashion that says if you did something the first time it was popular, you shouldn't do it a second. Why this pop star doesn't follow this rule I'll never know. I can't deny how good she is (was?) but Cyndi shoulda been more popular in the 80s. Just sayin, but they were right. I do like Madonna, and yes, she is part of my kind of scene.

That takes me to another surprise nomination who is actually two months older than Madonna, but I think might look a little younger. Maybe that's because he never stopped wearing what was fashionable to him in the first place, he's just been wearing the same heels and awkward shirts for forty years now. He's also released some of the greatest/creepiest/worst/best pop songs ever. How he manages to be all of those things at the same time is amazing and should be admired. Yes, they were right, I do like Prince and yes, he is part of my kind of scene.

Which then brings me to the next person I really wasn't expecting, because I don't necessarily consider her a 'pop' star, but my fellow blogger described her and why I love her so perfectly when they nominated her as my fave ("she would be wild, eccentric, break the rules, quirky yet cool, definitely know how to rock, inspire and challenge the dominant paradigm"; damn I write with some talented wordsmiths) and well as all that, this pop star sings it herself in this song;

...making pop music isn't for everyone, 
actually that's wrong it technically is, 
that's why it's pop music...

Couldn't have said it better myself. Yes, they were right, I do like Amanda Palmer and yes, she is part of my kind of scene.

The funny part is, when I asked my fellow bloggers who my favourite pop star was, I knew they'd all be wrong, but I knew they'd also all be right. The fact is, I don't have a favourite pop star, I love so many it's impossible to name one. Madonna? Sure. Gaga? Sure. Celine Dion? At karaoke, definitely. Backstreet Boys? Who doesn't love them? Katy Perry? Some days. Shakira? Why not? Kylie? Yes. Spice Girls? No one can deny them. I LOVE pop music, all (most) of it and there is no fave. All of my fellow bloggers were right. Although I bet they don't know my current (not so) guilty pleasure song of pop at the moment. That changes on a weekly basis, so just for you dear readers, this week 'I' in the A to Z of Pop stands for Justin Timberlake, because Justin, this week, yes, it's true. Your song? It's My Kind Of Scene.

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