Thursday, 19 June 2014

The A to Z of Pop - J is for Jo, Obviously.

Well that certainly doesn't look comfortable...

The A to Z of Pop
by Jo Michelmore

And then we reach what should probably be one of my favourite letters of the alphabet. I'm not saying it's not top five, but we've not even made it halfway yet, so let's not get too excited. J. The tenth letter of the English alphabet and also the letter my own name starts with. I only have two letters in my name, so we really should celebrate one of them. The question is, if I was a pop star, who are the other J pop stars I would be sharing my letter with and in a parallel universe, could I actually be them?

I suppose in another universe I could be Ja Rule but I'm not so keen on jail terms, I can't imagine putting up with Bobby Brown for too long and really, I don't really have that much lovin' for thugs.

Well, I guess in another universe I could be Jessica Simpson except I actually have an understanding of how to wash a car, which side of the political fence I sit on and well, let's face it, as a lover of (most) things vintage, I like Nancy's version of this song better.

I suppose in another universe I could be Jay Z but I'm not the world's biggest fan of Beyonce and let's face it, I wouldn't have such an ego and would have given Alicia Keys more time in this song because I would have realised she was the one with all the talent.

Well, I guess in another universe I could be Jamiroquai, but the facts are I am a little too tall, hats actually look good on my head and well, I never wish to be known as 'the sex pest'. 

I suppose I could be Jennifer Lopez in another universe 'cause I've already got the shape (she did booty so much better and long before ol' Kanye's wife) and while I have a friend who has referred to me as J-Lo, I most definitely would not make the mistake of hanging out with Pitbull once, let alone numerous times. Eeeew.

Of course, the most obvious one of all, in another universe I could be JoJo, after all, that's what a lot of people already know me as, one of my best friends went through a stage of answering the phone with a rendition of this song every time I called him for a while there and really, it is a catchy tune. Only one problem. When I'm a pop star, I have no plans on being such a one hit wonder. Just wait 'til my single drops in this universe...

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