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Top 25 Songs of the Year (So Far)

With the Top 25 on a short break, we thought now would be an excellent time to take a look back at the year so far. The top 25 songs of the year so far, to be exact! 2014 has already been a huge year at home and abroad, with acts new and old delivering hit after hit. With six months left to go, it's still anybody's guess as to which tracks are going to end up topping our songs of the year countdown, but we know these ones are going to have a place on it. We just can't get enough of them. How's about you?

She Only Loves Me When I'm There
by Ball Park Music

"Cromack's opening croons to the radio hit, 'She Only Loves Me When I'm There' (next to be heard on the 2014 Hottest 100) will have you convinced you're listening to Muse. The Shakespearean lyrics support that. "Guildford, Guildford holy mother of, Helen, Jesus in the architraves." I can't be the only person thinking, "da fuq is dis?" But then the band kicks in, Boyce starts backing Cromack on the vocals and that playful energy that Ball Park Music does so well leaves you jumping for joy. Keeping in mind that 'commercial' isn't a dirty word, it's Ball Park Music's most commercial sounding track. Which just means everyone can enjoy it, dear snobby friends." (Matt Bond)

by Beyonce

by Big Smoke

"I have no colours to show, because everyone here is everyone I know." 'Colours' is one mighty fine slice of acoustic folk that finds itself ridiculously romantic, without the extra side of cheese that can come with the label. Much of that has to do with Adrian Slattery's delivery of the words that make you want nothing more than for him to get the dance his heart desires. The arrangement of the track keeps your focus on the words and Slattery's voice, as it should, but the guitar work is quite smooth too. Georgia Fair's Ben Riley and Jordan Wilson are special guest stars on the track, with Riley's electric guitar really making an impact." (Matt Bond)

Whenever You Want It
by Clare Maguire

Buck Up And Pay The Reaper
by Dear Plastic

"The mood shifts a little as Baccini’s vocal range soars a little higher before we are taken back into the depths again of the slightly melancholic groove. But to think this song follows a simple structure of light/heavy mood would be a mistake. The big builds and the vocals powering throughout to a crescendo are expertly crafted and one to be listened to up loud with no apology. The gorgeous pschyadelic effects are deliciously dark yet never alienating or never lose the thread of the melodics created. I was reminded a little of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with the tarnished rock feel and the big, brash, beautiful vocals." (Lou Endicott)

It's funny how video clips work. Some are worth watching over and over again, some are confronting, some have absolutely nothing to do with the song they exist for and some ask questions of the viewer. This little clip has elements of some of those things, but I'm not going to say too much and leave it up to the viewer (that's you readers, hit play!) to decide which. What I will say is that I kinda like it. Its concept is cute, its story a little confusing and confronting in a really, really simple way, I finally get to see who all of the cuties in Dear Plastic are and they all seem to like something that I adore, which doesn't involve potatoes or illicit dealings but something much more simple and delightful." (Jo Michelmore)

Beware The Dog
by The Griswolds

House of Cards
by Holy Holy

"Their second single ‘House Of Cards’ starts with a rollicking country-feel and develops into a song full of Holy Holy feel, rich and intricate with a sense of escapism and fear and hope all rolled into a couple of minutes. It immediately feels like an awesome driving song, but ultimately, a good driving song is just a good song. This is a band I think I’m going to love all the way through 2014 and while ‘House Of Cards’ is only their second touch of brilliance, this is a band that has a whole lot more brilliance to come." (Jo Michelmore)

Get A Little More
by Holly Who

by Howling Bells

"Juanita Stein remains the perfect front for a rock outfit; dark, mysterious and oh-so sexy. The words are delivered in such an effortlessly cool way that you find yourself swayed far too easily by her charms. Like, you would do anything for her to look in your direction and give you the time of day. Anything. What? Sorry, Juanita Stein has this crazy hold over me. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Joel's lead guitar work ups that cool factor, while Moule's drums keep everything together and on track, as they always do. For his part, the lone non-Australian in the band, Daines, comfortably slides into the line-up. If you hadn't told me that he'd replaced Picchio, I'd be none the wiser." (Matt Bond)

Hold This Tight
by I Know Leopard

"Hailing from Adelaide and now based in Sydney, the five-membered I Know Leopard are quickly establishing themselves as crafty music makers that grab your attention with smoother than smooth and ever so relaxing melodies, catchy hooks and snappy lyrics. 'Hold This Tight' is an example of all that and more. Frontman, Luke O'Loughlin's voice really grabs your attention and after one listen you pretty much know this is a track that's going to score a ton of repeated plays throughout the year." (Matt Bond)

by Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX

Over You
by Ingrid Michaelson ft. A Great Big World

"This collaboration ticked all the boxes for a song I was wanting to hear, with the added bonus of being a duet. "Maybe if I tell myself enough, maybe if I do, I'll get over you." The melody in those chorus lines, combined with the simple, rolling piano is just something else. I'm pretty sure the fella from A Great Big World that just stands around doing nothing in 'Say Something' gets to contribute in 'Over You' too, so good for him. A Great Big World's voices (Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino) circle around Michaelson's as the song heads to a suitably fitting finish. There's definitely single potential here." (Matt Bond)

Far From View
by Jack Colwell and The Owls

"Jack Colwell's new single 'Far From View' is a total knockout of a track, with a brilliantly shot video to go with it. There's a nice, long build to Colwell's first words that completely sucks you in. When he does start singing about hearts broken in two and light shining through, his voice all deep and full of equal parts charisma and mystery, you understand why Jack Colwell is often favourably compared to Nick Cave. 'Far From View' succeeds in its mission to take listeners on a 'journey of heartache' and it's one journey you'll find yourself taking over and over again." (Matt Bond)

by Jessie Frye

"Dear has all the attitude you could want in a bonafide rock star and then some. It's got the big hooks, loud guitars and heavy drums that will get you ready for a rowdy night on the town." (Matt Bond)

90s Music
by Kimbra

"Yes, Kimbra Johnson is back and, just like you and me, she has a thang for all things 90s music. Sonically, the first taste of Kimbra's sophomore album is a huge departure from the knockout debut, Vows. And I mean huge. There's no resting on laurels here, as we're taken on an experimental electronic romp that opens up more and more with each listen. For anyone expecting 'Cameo Lover' version 2.0, you're going to be disappointed. This isn't your standard radio pop. But it sure should be!" (Matt Bond)

by Kingswood

West Coast
by Lana Del Rey

"West Coast is actually a rather soft and beautifully dark story of youthful desire in a world where status and possession means as much as the emotion and when approached from a neutral ground her poetry, though simple, can appreciated. Del Rey in this 90s surf rock inspired number vocally transitions along with the undulating tempo, from a silver screen starlet-esque voiced goddess to that languid, breathy damsel in distress character she plays so well..." (Nayt Housman)

Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone
by Lykke Li

"I'm just going to put it out there that 'Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone' is perfection. Of course this is subjective to the listener, but I'm all about the depressing, emotional ballad... so this is perfection. Li's finest moment as a vocalist and songwriter. A simple arrangement. Perfection. I'll stop saying that now. Alright, one more time... perfection." (Matt Bond)

by Ngaiire

"I was thrilled to see Ngaiire teasing the release of a video for her track 'ABCD' a couple of weeks ago. The track was an absolute standout on her debut album, Lamentations and more than worthy of earning release as a single. It holds beautiful melodies, superb lyrics and a knockout vocal performance from our leading lady and I just know you (yes, YOU!) are going to love the track." (Matt Bond)

by Our Man In Berlin

"With ‘Flight’ it’s the talent of knowing when to let the frantic rush of the beats take the keys on a quick journey, knowing when to let the quiet chords take charge and knowing how important it is to let everything sit amongst and around a superbly dominant lyric and vocal. It takes Our Man In Berlin on a slightly different path, never far enough away from their beautiful sounds to be alarming, but far enough to remind me that I don’t actually know what to expect and remind me not to underestimate their talent." (Jo Michelmore)

Goodbye Future
by The Presets

"It's hand claps and it's catchy and it's a little bit 90s while everyone is busy being a little bit 80s and it's better than the best night you remember and it hurts a lot more in the morning than you expected at midnight. It's The Presets and it's everything The Presets are: fun and beats and noise and goodbye future I've got some dancing to do and I'm not doing it then I'm doing it now." (Jo Michelmore)

by Sia

"You always hear people decrying how stale pop music is, how it all sounds the same and how you never hear anything good on the radio. Well get THIS played on the radio. Sia has unsurprisingly delivered the very finest in pop music. It's not 'Breathe Me', but guess what... it's not 2004. This is the sound of 2014, this is Sia and this is pop music." (Matt Bond)

How Much Does Your Love Cost?
by Thelma Plum

New Skin
by Torres

Water Fountain
by tUnE-yArDs

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