Saturday, 21 June 2014

Video Review - Love, Again

Love, Again
by Shy For Shore

I don't know a lot about music, I just know what I love. I love a lot of pop music. I love references from the past. I love a good singalong. I love a catchy tune. Put all of these things together and you have something that is pop perfection.

I don't know a lot about Shy For Shore, even though I'd really love to. A boy. A girl. Well, that's what the pictures tell. From London and Oslo? Are they both from Oslo and moved to London? Is one from London and one from Oslo? And if they're from London and Oslo, then is Amsterdam, where I think they are now based, considered half way? Or are they actually in New York, like their soundcloud account says, and if so, how is that halfway between London and Oslo? Ooh I love a good pop mystery. I don't know of many, but I think I love them. Anyway, if you put all of those places together, it seems you have something that is pop perfection.

I don't know a lot about making a music clip, even though I'd really like to, I just know what I love. I love the mustard sweater that guy is wearing and I love the attitude on the suit guy throwing stuff on desks. I love that girl tearing up the flowers because who hasn't wanted to do that? I love the feeling of freedom in that car and the fun in driving for so long. I'd love to shoot corporate guy with a water cannon and I'd love to be that florist and take it all back 'cause you've just had enough. I love that girl singing and I love what she's wearing and I love her running mascara and the bubbles and I love the desperation amongst it all and I especially love the words stuck in my head at the end. That is pop perfection.

I don't know a lot about writing, but I keep doing it because I like it and I know what I love. I can't yet write a perfect pop song, I can't yet make a clip, I can't yet get to Amsterdam or New York or London or Oslo to figure out who Shy For Shore are, but I can enjoy and share my newest little mystery pop discovery and for a blogger and fan of music, that is almost pop perfection and that is enough.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Love Again' four Presets heads out of five...

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