Thursday, 5 June 2014

Video Review - Moonlight

by Lili Kendall

Apparently sometimes I miss out on things but I'm honest, so let me say that I had not heard of Lili Kendall previous to a few minutes ago. I've known a Lili and I've also known a Kendall, but the combination of the two was not someone I knew. I pressed play on a little youtube clip a few minutes ago and because I'm honest let me now say, I'm glad Lili and Kendall are one person, because the sounds she is creating and the images that I see are good. Really good.

Apparently Ms Kendall is a singer-slash-songwriter from my own hometown of Brisbane, who has been spending a little time in both the US and Canada, after releasing her debut EP 'Beginnings' early last year. I might have missed that one, but I'm not going to make the same mistake twice because today after I stumbling across 'Moonlight', the first single and clip from Lili's debut full length album to be released later this year, I was rewarded with not only a lovely little pop song but also a delightful and dramatic little clip. Beautifully shot overnight in the desert in Palm Springs, (that's Palm Springs USA, not a retirement village on the outskirts of Brisbane), it's a spooky little tale that never really seems to actually tell a story, but somehow it keeps you wondering the entire way through. A modernist style building, a pool, a creepy silhouetted guy with a hat and Lili's voice singing about the devil in the pale moonlight, there's some beats that keep the heart racing and the simplicity of the clip sits in perfect company with her simple, moody and yet bouncy pop song.

Apparently Lili Kendall is more than just an EP and one good clip. This year, she plans on releasing a single every month until the end of the year, when she will be releasing her debut full length album. After seeing and hearing this little piece of pop magic I'm looking forward to every release every month until the end of the year, especially if they're all simple pop goodness like this one. 

Jo Michelmore gives 'Moonlight' three and a half Ellie Goulding heads out of five...

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