Monday, 28 July 2014

BIGSOUND 2014 Preview

When: 10 - 12 September
Where: Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
What: The best music event in Brisbane all year!

Ermegherd... BIGSOUND.

September sees our favourite Australian music event of the year set up shop in Brisbane once again, the BIGSOUND music conference and showcase. It's sort of like SXSW, but right here in our hood. Fortitude Valley is a 'hood' of sorts, right? Over three days, more than 100 speakers from Australia and abroad will give engaging talks and presentations about their careers, their lives, their successes, their failures... all the while imparting words of wisdom you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the country. Keynote speakers for the 2014 conference are music legends, The Church and Neil Finn, as well as legend in his own right and director of Bluesfest, Peter Noble.

The rest of the lineup of speakers covers so many aspects of the music industry. From radio there's Michelle Brown from 4ZZZ (support community radio!), Nick Findlay and Dave Ruby Howe from triple J, Stephen Goodhew from FBi Radio and Meagan Loader from Double J/triple J unearthed. Martin Elbourne, one of the main bookers for Glastonbury and The Great Escape Festival will be there. Did you read that, artist friends? Yeah. This is happening. Brad First, the Music Festival Showcase Coordinator from SXSW will be there too. Are you getting how much of a big deal this is? You are? Great. You'll also be able to listen to a bunch of cool cats from a variety of record labels, online music places, music legal places and there's some great performers talking it up too, like Ruby Boots' Bex Chilcott!

Check out the full list of speakers over at QMusic...

At night, the Valley turns into the greatest mini-music festival you're even going to be part of, as all the best music venues turn their stages over to the good people that bring us BIGSOUND Live. We've fallen for so many new artists over the past two years. The Hello Morning, Thelma Plum, Kira Puru + The Bruise, Tkay Maidza, The Trouble With Templeton and Busby Marou. That's just a sample of the artists we've been blown away by and sort of stalk now. What? BIGSOUND Live is where you'll find the 'next big things' in music. The talent that is assembled to perform over the two nights is just ridiculous and the 2014 lineup is the best yet. It may or may not have caused some involuntary drool-age. The Church are bound to deliver a knockout performance, but then to live up to that whole 'next big things' line I just threw out there before, there's Little May, Client Liaison, Holy Holy, Airling, Remi, Eves, Safia and Alison Wonderland. Oh... and the ever amazing Tkay Maidza, Thelma Plum and Jeremy Neale are back for another year. Tkay was so good last year, she blew up the sound system. Thelma Plum had the Black Bear Lodge swearing up a storm to the very best in pop music. And it doesn't get cooler than Jeremy Neale... does it?

Check out the full list of artists at QMusic...

BIGSOUND offers something for those that want to immerse themselves in the music industry as a career and for those that really just love music and seeing incredible performances. If you're looking to head to the conference, which includes entrance to BIGSOUND Live, you're going to want to snap up the special rate passes. They remain at their current price until August 8 and you can register for them right here. And if you're just looking to listen to the stellar talent on Wednesday and Thursday night, you can get your BIGSOUND Live tickets (18+ y'all) for $69 right hurr. Go on... treat yo'self! We've said it before and we'll say it again... BIGSOUND Live is the funnest two nights in Brisbane all year for music fans. Running around from venue to venue. Stumbling upon acts you might not have heard before that leave you wanting to hear them forever... it's the best. Anyway... hope to see you there! 

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