Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Song Review - Angels Walk Below

Angels Walk Below
by Harts
Album: Untitled (out 2014 and SOOOOON?!? Please!)

While it's actually only been five and a bit months since we last heard something new from Harts, it seems like an eternity. I suppose that's because the last song I heard; 'Lovers In Bloom' was so freakin' good I wanted that instant gratification that we all seem to crave these days, I wanted something more and I wanted it yesterday. But like the sounds Harts is clearly influenced by, sometimes the best things should be left to sit, to age a little and to appreciate all in good time. Being patient has never been one of my best qualities, but then sometimes I get rewarded with things like this. 

As soon as that killer bass line kicked in, I knew 'Angels Walk Below' was well worth the wait. There's a reason people around the world are starting to look at Harts and sit up and take notice and that's because he makes music that is familiar, inviting and goddamn catchy, without being a copy of anything else. While he certainly takes his P's and Q's from some funk sounds of the past, he doesn't sound old or unoriginal, he just sounds freakin' good. There's a reason artists like Prince have jumped on the Harts bandwagon early on and that's because he seems to know how to take a rhythm and shake it up, singing in his fabulous funk filled falsetto way, throwing some killer guitar riffs on top and making songs born to be moved to.

Perhaps it's best Harts waited to release this track, after all, I'm going to have to perfect some dance moves to this one before the next comes along, which I have no doubt will be just as impressive. Until then, wherever those angels are, I'm not sure they'd be walking, I think they might be dancing below. 

Jo Michelmore gives 'Angels Walk Below' four Beyonce heads out of five...

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