Saturday, 12 July 2014

Song Review - Monday Tuesday

Monday Tuesday
by Dorsal Fins

It’s predictable, but for those of us with Monday to Friday 9-5 jobs, on Saturday, if there’s one thing I do not want to be thinking about, it’s Monday, or even Tuesday, for that matter. I’m dedicated to my blogging though, so it was with some trepidation I pressed play on the track ‘Monday Tuesday’ by Dorsal Fins and was totally blown away by what I heard and saw.

The immediate urgent sounding 80s synths blaring out of my laptop almost convinced me that Monday wasn’t going to be that bad and the harsh but delicious pop vocals of Ella Thompson smashed me in the face in the best way possible and I couldn’t wait to hear what Tuesday brought. That might be a lie, ‘cause I had the whole weekend ahead of me, but the beats kept dragging me through a barrage of decades until I was sitting straight in the mid-80s with some serious shoulder pads and killer lipstick, watching a dance floor of arms and legs and strange movements foreign to me now but so attractive thirty years ago, I’m sure. It’s a place I’d like to visit Monday, Tuesday, any day of the week and every time I hit play there I am again, loving every second of it. 

There have been a lot of these almost retro like sounds around recently, but not all of them are as catchy as Dorsal Fins have produced. The clip is equally awesome, a bombardment of colour and flashing lights and imagery from the decade they visited to make these sounds, bizarrely addictive and strangely mesmerising in a neon kind of way.

It might be the weekend now, but if I’m lucky Monday and Tuesday are going to be here soon enough and if they’re anywhere near as cute and catchy as Dorsal Fins make them sound, maybe they won’t be so bad after all. Here’s hoping this song is stuck in my head until then.

Jo Michelmore gives ‘Monday Tuesday’ three and a half heads out of five…

And....if you happen to be lucky enough to be in Melbourne on Wednesday the 23rd or 30th July, you can catch Dorsal Fins singing about Monday Tuesday at The Workers Club. If I was there I'd go...

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