Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Song Review - Neon

by Little Deed (available now)

There is an artist from Sydney who you may have not heard of yet. I have only just found them myself. Their (her?) name is Little Deed and while I could trawl the internet for a few hours looking for information for you, I'm gonna leave the trawling up to you, because I want to get to the important bits. What are the important bits? Welcome to 'Neon'; Little Deed's debut single.

Such a simple arrangement, it begins with only keys, a slow, slow beat and a deliciously strong but almost fragile vocal. Reminiscent of something I might have heard before, familiar, the non-threatening vocal drags you through the beat, the synths slowly building to a crescendo about half way in and suddenly I'm surrounded by a dark sky, maybe some rain, I could be standing under a bridge wearing an incredibly fashionable coat somewhere in New York City, with a train travelling overhead and some rubbish floating around while a tear falls from my eye as I pine for the love of a boy who has left, sorry, I got lost for a second there. This could possibly be something I saw on the TV once, but that's where 'Neon' takes you, to a soundtrack, a place and a life far away from the boredom of everyday. I digress.

This is a fabulous little track from an artist I know very little about, but like I said, maybe whoever Little Deed is might not be that important. The important part is finding new music to sway to, a new song to obsess over for a little while and a new sound to be able to tell all your friends you heard before they did. There you go then. I've just given you all that. You're welcome.
Jo Michelmore gives 'Neon' three The xx heads out of five...

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