Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Song Review - U-Huh

by Tkay Maidza (single out now)

Chitty bang-bang, chitty bang-bang... Tkay Maidza is undeniably the new Queen of Cool, following up last year's 'Brontosaurus' with the insanely infectious new tune 'U-Huh'. This is in no way a slow burner. One listen is all it takes to have you cursing those haters and making poor attempts to spit out these rhymes with expert execution like superstar in the making, Maidza. The lady is clearly already a master of the rap craft, leaving many of her local contemporaries in the dust. The Azealia Banks comparisons are going to be a thing, but you've got to believe Tkay's going to be a more permanent fixture in the industry and she's definitely pulling off more of an M.I.A swag on 'U-Huh' with the help of Elk's production skills. 

Comparisons suck though and really, there's no need for them here. Maidza is paving her own way and the sounds she's creating are very much her own. 'U-Huh' is electronic, it's rap, it's hip hop, it's oh-so-poppy and it's totally brilliant, fresh and unique. It's so many things, but the most important 'thing' is that it's fun and will make you want to dance as you listen to it over and over again. How you would not be able to dance to this, I couldn't tell you. I heard it on my laptop for the first time and was dancing in my living room. I heard it in the car and was.... being very safe and driving appropriately... while dancing! I want to hear this out at 'ze clubs' because I think when it gets to the chitty bang-bang segments people will come up with some really creative moves. Anyway... you will want to dance. You will dance! 

This is your new jam, this is the real sound of Australian hip hop in 2014 and this is the next big thing right here. To think this is still just the start of Tkay Maidza's music journey is crazy. I'm going to be loving 'U-Huh' for a long, long time, but I can't wait to hear what she's going to come up with next. 

Matt Bond gives 'U-Huh' five Jay-Z heads out of five...   

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