Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - I Won't Cut My...

Willow thinks we should whip it back and forth.

... Hair
by Katie Langley

Inspiration really does come from the strangest places, and this week it’s from mono dread guy. Well, that’s the nickname fellow blogger Jo and I have given him. It was a chance encounter on Saturday night while we enjoyed a beverage, some music and a whole lot of people watching. There was a lot to take in – nerds gone wild, a drunken grandma, double denim – but there was one guy that stood out from the crowd. Yep, you got it, mono dread guy. As the nickname suggests he had just one, lone dread (duh). And just to be clear, it wasn’t one, giant, smelly, fat, heaving dread. He had short hair, aside from the one strand of matted mane protruding from the left hand side of his scalp. Why did he cut off his dreads and only leave one? Was he not ready to say goodbye? Was he hoping to start a trend? Was it a clip-in? We’ll never know.

So, anyway, it got me thinking about dreadlocks. It’s fair to say people are not rocking them in my corporate 9-5 gig. But that’s never a true assessment of what’s actually happening. I’ve noticed a dreadlock hair studio not far from my place. Are they still a thing? How do you wash them? Do you wash them at all? So. Many. Questions. 

Sunk Loto

Back in the day I was a complete and utter Sunk Loto fan girl. And I must confess that I am still hoarding a whole stack of their merchandise. I’LL NEVER LET IT GO, OKAY? When you break it down it’s quite simple really - the vocalist Jason had dreadlocks, I loved the band (and him) and by proxy I too loved dreadlocks. See? Simple.

Lenny Kravitz

Ole Lenny use to sport some pretty epic dreadlocks. Does his music sound the same without them? Is he ever gonna go my way? Does anyone even care?

Bob Marley

My friend has recently started growing his pubic hair into dreadlocks. Now he calls his penis Knob Marley.

 Newton Faulkner

Hey, look, here’s someone with recent chart success who has dreadlocks. YEAH. YOU GO, GUY. 

 Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga had dreadlocks for about 5 minutes so I’m calling her a fair weather dreadlocker.

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