Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - We Are Done

Apparently these are the actual Good Charlotte lyrics.

We Are Done
by Katie Langley

Earlier in the week I found myself at home from work due to sickness. I spent most of the day lying in bed thinking about how I really wished I had a more plentiful supply of pseudoephedrine, and how great it would if Cold Rock made home deliveries. Without the energy to actually fix my hair to a publically acceptable standard and leave the house to fill my desires, I laid in bed dreaming my ice cream-y dreams whilst I listened to the radio. It was all mostly inoffensive nonsense that provided a bit of a backdrop while I came in and out of conscientious… until I heard “We Are Done” by The Madden Brothers. Welcome to this week’s Sizzle.

There is something about “We Are Done” that manages to offend and irritate every level of my being. To me, this song are the nails on the chalkboard, the accidental bite you take into aluminium foil, the obnoxious phone user in the quiet carriage on the train, the eyelash in your eye that you simply cannot remove no matter how hard you try, the yappy dog next door, the milk that has passed its use-by date that you’ve accidentally poured all over your cereal… Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

At face value this song really shouldn’t push me to these sorts of limits. It’s a fairly straight forward upbeat little pop beat that should have me whistling through winter thinking about sunshine and sausage sizzles. What is it about this song that makes me recoil with repulsion? I’ve got three words for you – The Madden Brothers.

As a teenager navigating my way through the musical landscape and plentiful supply of genres I did spend some time on all things pop punk, which naturally included Good Charlotte. I thought their music was fun and cool, and have fond memories of attending one of their concerts. As the years have moved on my taste has changed, although I’ve never been someone to forget my past and completely rubbish things I once loved. I liked what I liked for a reason, and I’m usually proud to own it. Nostalgia will usually get me every single time. Not this time.

The Madden Brothers one famously jibed about the rich and famous whilst they advocated for animal rights, only to later profit handsomely from promotional deals with KFC. Hang on, wait, is that Alanis Morrissette I can hear playing somewhere in the distance? I get it – people grow and evolve. As a corporate drone myself I wouldn’t be so bold to say that they’ve sold their souls, but somewhere along the way have they comprised their fundamental beliefs?

Whatever the case, the chicken publicity and recent stints on The Voice have thrust The Madden Brothers firmly into the Australian spotlight, and it seems that, for most people, they’re lapping it up completely. Whilst I won’t be signing the petition that’s doing the ‘rounds to have them removed from the country, it’s fair to say that I’m suffering from some serious over-exposure. Their smarmy little faces are everywhere - they’re on my TV, they’re on my chicken, and they’re in my bed whilst I’m sick and trying to have a goddamn nap.

Some would say that I’m a hater (they’d be right). Some would say The Madden Brothers deserve the success (sure, kudos to them). Some would say that I’m in a minority (when has that ever stopped me). Me? To The Madden Brothers I say… WE ARE DONE. Badoom-tish.

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