Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Medicine Cabinet #25

Kenny Goes To The Woods For A Sexy Bear Picnic
by Nayt Housman

Music is my medicine. Is it yours? I ask the public six golden questions to find out if and how they use music to feed the soul.

 'Kenny' by Nayt Housman

This is 27 year old Kenny. I’ve been friends with Kenny for probably longer than anyone else in my life (on a consistent basis). Kenny is also one of the most creative and talented human beings I know and although he claims his life passion is breathing and sexy bears (I assume he has a fetish for pandas) I’m pretty sure it would be creating amazing designs, beard worship and wearing adorable badges and cute shirts. Oh and also looking innocent and unassuming whilst all the time being one of the biggest deviants I know. Bless his little cotton socks. Wait, I almost forgot what we’re here for…MUSIC! Let’s look into Kenny’s brain and see what music is rattling around in there.

Who are the musicians and/or bands that flick your switch and turn up the volume?

Kenny: That would be Metric for when I’m in an “angry girl, want to yell at the world” phase, when I’m vocal and feel like singing along I like to break out a bit of the old Michael Jackson. It’s bad that I have music playing in the background right now because all I can think of is George Michael. Lately mostly I’ve been listening to Royksopp and that’s what I listen to when I’m at work and I need to be creative.

Why do you think they are the pills that cure your ills?

Kenny: Well Metric is my ultimate love and they are my pill for a couple of reasons; one because they’ve got a kind of rocky style and it reminds me of a bit of my youth, growing up with my sister who was constantly listening to Nirvana, Guns & Roses and Metallica. I also like a strong female vocalist. I don’t know if that’s a “gay man” thing but you know I think it might be…and she’s also kind of angry at the world which I am as well, so it makes sense *laughs*. Michael Jackson, I mean who doesn’t love good old Michael? My partner loves it, I love it, you sing along to it in the car with the windows down, blaring while all the tradies drive past and think you’re crazy. Royksopp I always listen to because they have a whole lot of different vocalists which I really like. Like Robyn, I always like the strong female leads and they also have really, really different sounds but all of them have this funky electronic undertone that I love and I find that when I’m listening to it as background music it helps me be more creative.

What kind of high do they give you?

Kenny: They make me feel empowered. It’s the kind of thing when you’re walking home, blaring it in your earphones and you’re like “yep, I’m better than everyone else here” and then you’re kind of imagining that you have your own backup dancers as you’re walking and strutting down the street. I’m sure everybody else has that fantasy?

When do you find yourself craving music for relief?

Kenny: After sex definitely, during sex…I can’t stand to do any kind of exercise without music. I feel like I need background music to my whole life and that different situations should have their own themed music to play so I always try to have music going whether I’m at home, at work or asleep.

Where in life, home, and your world does music take you?

Kenny: Usually out for a heavy night of drinking especially if it’s early nineties dance music *laughs* and it’s always that good little escape but mostly it takes me down dangerous roads.

How do you share your music love?

Kenny: By singing it loudly to my partner against his will and usually replacing all of the words with his name so if I can ruin all of his songs that way to that gives me great pleasure.

Didn’t I tell you Kenny was pure wicked? Alongside that pure wickedness I love so much, Kenny is a wise old man, as he likes to say, “Living is changing, changing is the only constant you can have in life and I’ve always kept, to bring it back to music, having a broad spectrum of taste and I like to change it up so I don’t get stuck in something I’ve had just ‘cause I love it forever. I’ll continually change and evolve like music, like everything, like life. Everything changes.” And that reflects in his music tastes. Varied and changing to suit his needs and desires at any particular time. We can all afford to be flexible in life (and body right…wink, wink) in order to ebb and flow with the tides and time.

I shall dub this ‘The Wonka Flavour-Changing Gum Effect’. So I realise the whole flavour change gum thing doesn’t really exist but music like gum can be changed to suit your mood flavour wise. The beat of a song is reminiscent of the chewing of gum, the pleasant aroma from gum is like humming a tune to share with those around you and like gums effect of reducing plaque and bacteria, music helps reduce stress which helps the body ward off any nasties.

Doctor Nayt’s prescription this week is to challenge yourself and match a song and flavour of gum with your mood throughout the day. It may seem hard at first but I swear it’s doable. You’re feeling bubbly and empowered? GREAT! That’s Spice Girls and cinnamon chewy. You’re feeling sad and need to be alone? Wonderful! That’s Fiona Apple and well, apple flavoured gum I guess. What do you get out of this activity? It’s pretty obvi, nice breath and no stress! I swear I don’t work for any gum companies but if there are representatives reading this I’m willing to consider offers.

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