Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Medicine Cabinet #28

by Nayt Housman

Music is my medicine. Is it yours? I ask the public six golden questions to find out if and how they use music to feed the soul.

In my daily life I come across some beautiful people and one of them who I just happen to know through my daily job is gorgeous Greta! How did we become friends you ask? Well 41yo Gretski, just like me, has a passion for art, a dirty sense of humour and quite exquisite taste in music, so it was inevitable that we’d hit it off and become sisters from another mister. So even though I already knew she loved great music, there’s always more to find out and besides I pretty much just wanted to draw her lovely face.

Greta by Nayt Housman

Thinking of music as medicine:

Who are the musicians and/or bands that flick your switch and turn up the volume?

Greta: Okay so when I’m painting I always have to have music on and depending on the music that I listen to it really sets the mood but there’s always favourites like KT Tunstall, I love her. Drastic Fantastic and Eye To The Telescope, both of those albums I pretty much love every song because she’s a poet. Things that she says, it’s like she’s writing my life! Like 'The Universe And You', listen to that one because that’s how I used to feel about things and still do about some but things change. I always listen to Radiohead, that’s if I’m feeling like I’m a bit depressed. He’s beautiful, so beautiful but it’s hard to paint through the tears and then I will listen to a bit of Powderfinger; I love Powderfinger and because one of the first paintings when I started painting again was Bernard Fanning from their last concert in Brisbane. So I listen to them a lot but then I’ll listen to like blues, lots of different… from old, old blues then you know what? Then I’ll listen to fricken NOVA just for all the pop shit, just for whatever. Honestly a bit of everything, even INXS and I’ve just recently got back into them because my son brought me the Kick album on CD so I listen to it sometimes on full bore!

Why do you think they are the pills that cure your ills?

Greta: Some like INXS it’s purely the rhythm of the music, that’s a big thing for me, is the way it sounds and how that makes me feel but then other artists like Adele and KT Tunstall, it’s about what they say. You know another favourite of mine and he always makes me cry too is Ben Harper. They’re all deep and that’s good for when I’m painting.

What kind of high do they give you?

Greta: It’s hard because usually I’m pissed so usually I’m on a high anyway HAHAHA! But if I’m in the car singing along, because usually I’ve had a shit customer or something like that, I’ll get in the car and I’ll sing at the top of my voice. It is cathartic and it just makes me feel better about the day if I can REALLY sing because I sing a lot by myself, really loudly too.

When do you find yourself craving music for relief?

Greta: As mentioned before and if someone’s upset me, disappointments, like if someone disappoints me I try to get out of that feeling sad or whatever by putting some sort of loud music on. Especially KT Tunstall because a lot of the stuff she says in her songs I relate to.

Where in life, home, and your world does music take you?

Greta: It actually takes me away from reality like you know even sadly enough, sometimes I fantasize about being on The Voice, X-Factor or Australia’s Got Talent. I fantasize about just DOING IT, not that I ever will because I’m an old lady and that would be really embarrassing.

How do you share your music love?

Greta: Well it’s really translated through especially Jack [my son]. Jack is extremely musical and I think it’s because I sing all the time and it’s always been like that with the kids, always singing and Jack is a fabulous guitarist. He’s really getting into the singing as well now and he’s actually got quite a good voice. I think it does translate, I think obviously his dad being an ex musician and a singer, it’s in the blood but I think just having it around them all the time they’ve just absorbed it.

Do you have a main motto or mantra in life?

Greta: Drag my fucking arse out of bed and get through the day!


It’s pretty obvious now after doing this for six months that “creativity” and “fantasy” are two of the main driving forces to why we listen to music. Music stimulates emotional and physical responses, which drives creativity through fantasy. The most powerful thing is how people who feel this way about music are brought together almost magnetically. Music is like a magnetic drug for dreamers and inspiring for the people around them. 

I shall dub this “THE DREAM MAGNET EFFECT!” (Imagine that was in a booming echoed voice). When people are randomly drawn together through the music that allows them to be free and creative. That to me is a pretty powerful thing and when people come together through their music it has the power to inspire others.

Doctor Nayt’s prescription this week is, when you meet someone new just start singing your fave songs to them. They’ll either look at you weird and probably walk away, or they’ll possibly look you in the eye and knowingly smile while giving you the nod of approval. If you’re truly kindred they may even start singing along with you. Actually why not just start singing to people who you THINK you know? You may find a new link that brings you together with a familiar or that makes you closer friends than you originally thought.

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  1. Thanks. You're an awesome spirited and talented human.
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