Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The A to Z of Pop - L is for Likes

It's all done with mirrors. Right?

The A to Z of Pop
by Jo Michelmore

Social media has provided us with such a simple little way of approval. It's all there, in one quick click of a button you can tell the world (your friends, or the internet world I guess, depending on your privacy settings) exactly (well, not quite exactly, I mean, nothing in depth) what you think of certain things. I post a photo of myself and only got 45 likes? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? I post photo the next month and got 57 likes. Must have been a good hair day. I post a photo of my cup of tea and get 83 likes. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? WHY DO YOU LIKE MY TEA AND NOT ME? (I do make good tea, by the way). Anyway, the point is, the world (at least the social media world) revolves all around the 'like'. So of my social media world, when it comes to pop, who likes who?

Lady Gaga has an impressive amount of likes. 66,751,491. A tiny bit more than the population of France, actually. "J'veux ton amour, et je veux ton revanche, j'veux ton amour" indeed. Of that population of likers, twenty-six of them are my facebook friends. Make of that what you will. Like.

Lily Allen has 3,868,186 likes on the books. That's only slightly more than the entire population of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Why do I always say that name with an accent? Of all those Balkans, nine of them are my facebook friends. Lily Allen fans that is, not Balkans. I wish I knew a Balkan. Anyway, I actually liked 'Air Balloon'. As in really liked. Not just thumbs up-ed 'like'. I don't care what you think. Like.

La Roux have had a bazillion (not exact number) more views on their youtube clips than they have facebook likes, of which they have 974,231, which is more than there are people in Cyprus, but not as many as there are in Mauritius. This is something a marketing person somewhere should look at. Of all of them, only two are my facebook friends. Oh well, I can't help everyone I know. At least I like the two that like La Roux. Like.

Here's one that intrigued me, because on one hand I was expecting this, on another not so. Lionel Richie has 2,975,220 facebook likes. That's not the bit I was surprised about. After all, that's more than the amount of Lithuanians in Lithuania and Lionel Richie is a popular man, that's no surprise. What is a surprise? Only one of my facebook friends 'likes' him, which is interesting, because I know of at least three that actually like him, not just facebook style and that I genuinely like. Like. 

Lindsay Lohan. She has 2,975,220 fbook likes. It upsets me slightly that she has more likes than people live in Uruguay. Something makes me happy though. None of them are my facebook friends. I knew I chose my social media friends wisely. What I like even more is that I know one of them is bound to go and 'like' on her facebook page after reading this just to spite me. Social media is funny. (Mostly). Like.

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