Thursday, 24 July 2014

The A to Z of Pop - O is for One (Two, Three And Four)

The A to Z of Pop
by Jo Michelmore

Whoever said pop stars weren't smart? No one probably, but just to prove it, as we've now reached O in the A to Z of Pop and a whole post dedicated to One Direction didn't really interest me and pop stars from Ohio, Oklahoma and Osaka didn't really bring up anyone that exciting, maths it is.


A family known more for their moves than their maths, at least five of The Jacksons knew how to count and they would have appreciated the first three letters of this alphabet, if nothing else. If only Michael's maths skills could have saved him from his ultimate untimely fate.


One of the Jackson sisters proved how much more intelligent than her brothers she was by having much less plastic surgery counting from five...backward. This sisters name doesn't start in La and end in Toya. Just saying.


I'm not the world's biggest Bruno Mars fan, but I do love a ukulele and I especially love a singalong and even more especially I love an out of tune singalong. Throw a "like one two three" in there and everything is almost perfect...except for one of the laziest rhyming lyric counts ever. 'You' rhymes with more than just 'two' Bruno. Just saying.


This one is my fave, 'cause it's so smart it's hidden. Missy Elliott might not technically be pop, but I'm not doing an 'A to Z of Hip Hop' next, so I'm gonna stick her in here. Bet you can't even find the 1, 2, 3, 4. It's there. Just trust me...and you're welcome. 

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