Thursday, 31 July 2014

The A to Z of Pop - P is for Party Like It's...2014?

The A to Z of Pop
by Jo Michelmore

The letter P. It's been a sticky one for me, since the sweet young age of twelve years old, when I went to a 'P' themed party. While the majority of attendees went dressed in the colours pink and purple, but I thought outside the apparent 'P' square and went dressed as a present, all wrapped up with a curly pink bow on top of my head. It was at this party, I learnt the harsh lesson that people don't necessarily like to embrace the idea of 'fancy dress' and tend to put in as little effort as possible. I'm not going to say much more than that except to say I have never gotten over this.

Now, many years later, I have gathered a group of friends who will either A) will go to the same amount of effort as me when it comes to the themed party or B) appreciate the effort put into themed party costumes I create. I love my friends. This brings me to the letter P in the A to Z of Pop. In order to make up for the scarring devastation of wearing a cardboard box as clothing and not winning 'best dressed' at that first P party oh so long ago now, I shall stage my own P party, right here on the blog, where only my friends, you dear readers and pop stars beginning with P are invited.

Paula Abdul will show up early 'cause she's old and desperate for any friends she can get. She'll be dressed incredibly well because she hasn't changed her style since the early 90s and that cropped jacket and those shoes are so on trend right now. She'll be the life of the party...until someone else shows up.

Pitbull gets an invite because every party needs a creep glaring and drinking in the corner that everyone else is a little scared of.

Paloma Faith gets an invite because every party needs a drunk girl drunk texting her ex-boyfriend and crying manically in the early hours of the morning because no one understands how much she loved him and only love can hurt like this...(vomit). Have another vodka, Paloma.

Paris isn't actually invited, but if there's a chance someone will have a camera or an instagram account she'll show up. 

Prince gets an invite because I have this feeling if anyone can party, Prince can it's 1999. Were parties better in 1999? Perhaps.

The last invited guest? Well, it's fairly obvious, right? She's comin' up so you better get this party...etc. Yep.

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