Monday, 14 July 2014

Video Review - Dizzy

by Nussy
EP: Nussy (out July 18, 2014) 

We all know that things I like include pop music, fashion, maddening colour and a tasty beverage. Nussy's latest clip 'Dizzy' offers almost all of these things and the other one? Let's face it, I can find that one for myself.

The pop music is provided by the little over three and a half minute track, which follows in a long standing tradition of simple, awesome pop songs released in Australia, and Nussy can include herself in an impressive line of artists that have done similar things, but there's nothing happier than the freshest clip and latest catchy pop tune to put a smile on my face. 

A vibrant array of dresses, tops and leggings in an array of fabrics and prints, all spinning around and around to match the dizzy theme, most of them worn by the super cute Nussy with a face full of metallic shades, these provide the fashion element, the 'Dizzy' clip a visual feast for those of us who like staring at pretty things and pretty colours. 

So that's the pop, fashion and colour taken care of, what next? It's only the beverage I need to provide, I'll just need to be careful not to spill any as I bounce around when the sweet beats, synths and voice spill out of the speakers in my lounge, in my car, in a club; all the places good pop music should be. 
Jo Michelmore gives 'Dizzy' three and a half Kylie heads...

Nussy will be playing two shows to launch her EP;

Melbourne at The Workers Club on July 31
and Adelaide at Pirie and Co Social Club on August 1. Probably best if you go, don't you think?  

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