Sunday, 13 July 2014

Video Review - Wind Blows Harder

Wind Blows Harder
by Natalie McCool

Ok, so maybe I should have known something about Natalie McCool sooner than this, considering she has been doing her thing publicly for a couple of years now and won a national songwriting competition in the UK (judged by some large music industry names) and she has recently played with one of our own Lou's faves Half Moon Run, but I'm gonna pretend the internet doesn't exist and say it was geography that has stopped me from knowing Natalie McCool until now (but if the internet didn't exist, how I could be blogging then? Shut up....I knew there was a hole in my excuse). Regardless, I've made up with lost time over the last few days by hearing the sounds of her latest single and clip 'Wind Blows Harder' and singing those words at every opportunity as the winter winds blow around my house outside (sorry housemates).

Ok, so maybe I need to know where this forest is that these strange and magical things happen, because there seems to be a lot of clips set in said forest. In this one, masked and bearded people run about attacking each other to Natalie's pop soundtrack and it's this combination of catchy tunes and dark imagery that makes this forest oh so appealing. I mean, really, I have no interest in being in the forest if this is what goes on, but if I could just poke my head in the side through the trees to hear those beats and have a little dance in the sunlight then maybe it would be great.

Ok, so maybe this weird forest doesn't actually exist, but there's no denying the super catchy song does and it's a nice couple of minutes of indie pop that makes you wanna sing along, possibly dance around in circles and find a friendlier forest somewhere. Sorry Natalie for not knowing you sooner, but with pop songs like this, I won't deny you (or the internet) any more.
Jo Michelmore gives 'Wind Blows Harder' three and a half Ellie Goulding heads out of five... 

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