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Coach Bombay - BIGSOUND Live 2014 Feature Artist

BIGSOUND Live 2014 will bring together an insanely talented collection of artists from a diverse range of genres. We've looked at electronic-indie wunderkinds SAFIA and alt-country songstress Ruby Boots... next up is rising electro-pop purveyor Coach Bombay! Also known in the real world as Melbourne's Terry Mann, Coach Bombay has been delivering fun-time music that makes you want to dance and if you're looking for some fun times AND dancing at BIGSOUND Live, you're going to want to head along to his showcase. What did you say? You don't have tickets? Well head on over to QMusic and get some!

Performing as part of BIGSOUND Live 2014
Thursday 11 September - 9:10pm @ The Elephant Hotel

Hello and thanks for joining us at It's My Kind of Scene! How are you on this fine day? 

Terry Mann: Full of joy. My default state.

First things first... Moustaches or beards?

Terry: Only if your face-shape permits. For beards that's about 40% of faces. Moustaches about 10% (the rugged, fireman types).

BIGSOUND Live brings together a huge range of incredible acts from Australia and overseas. How do you feel being part of what's quickly become one of Australia's most well regarded music showcases?

Terry: Very psyched. The only downside is I don't have a time machine that would allow me to see every other act at Bigsound. There's a tonne of talent.

For me, seeing musicians I may not normally be inclined to see is one of the best things about the BIGSOUND Live experience. You have a short space of time to play for people who may not know you or your material well. So, how do you decide what or which songs to play?

Terry: An especially hard decision for us because there's over 25 songs in the CB catalogue. I guess it's about going with the songs that have caught industry attention the most in the past – whether that be radio, publishing, labels, bookers.

Speaking of punters who may not normally attend one of your shows, have you got a fave memory of someone who may have come to see one of your shows? What about a least favourite? Gig from hell you don't want to re-visit? (Hopefully it's hilarious with hindsight?!)

Terry: We had a British female comedian who was at our Ding Dong show randomly during the comedy festival. She spent about 20 minutes telling us how much she loved the show. Luckily we haven't had any gigs from hell in this band yet. It's too much fun to play.  

If you get a chance to run around like a crazy person on the night/s to check out some other BIGSOUND Live acts, who would you want to see?

Terry: It's the biggest dilemma because half of me wants to support the local legends I know and love (Yeo, Fractures, I'lls, Client Liaison), but the other half wants to check out the awesome interstate acts I've yet to see. Also it will be hard to turn down Deep Sea Arcade playing later after our set. 

There's so many great venues across the Valley hosting bands and musicians, but if you could play anywhere in the world, what and where is your dream venue to play? We all know of the awesomeness of BIGSOUND and we've all heard that SXSW is pretty darn good as well, but are there any other similar showcases in the world that you'd like to play, that we should know about? Anywhere else we should be dreaming of visiting before BIGSOUND returns to us, September 2015?

Terry: It may sound a bit tacky but years ago I had an unexpectedly amazing night at the (replica) Cavern Club in Manchester. Built just like the original but with 3 separate rooms/stages. There happened to be an international music festival on that night and I saw about 10 excellent bands within a few hours. My three favourites were all from Sweden, strangely. Would be a fun place for a showcase/party.

What have you got planned for the rest of 2014, post-BIGSOUND? Any tours, festivals, stand-alone gigs, cake decorating courses, TV marathons or anything else we should know about that you'll be involved in?

Terry: We’re touring a new single ‘Girls’ around Bigsound, the Melbourne show just before and the Sydney show just after - on the Saturday. After that we’ll be back home playing some more shows in the lead up to the launch of our second album, many moons in the making. Very pumped for the world to hear the new songs.

Do you love song covers? If you could cover one song, right here/right now... what would it be and why?

Terry: Of course. The other night I just wrapped up a very hilarious (but hopefully awesome) cover recording and debuted it to my housemates at high volume, with very positive feedback. I don’t want to reveal what it is yet, but let’s just say it was an unsuspecting number 1 hit that your Mum definitely had on cassette in 1988.

Something I often wonder. How often do you think to yourself; "is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?" I think the latter all the time...

Terry: Regularly. But not as often as I listen to Queen.

When they air the MTV Behind The Music special about you 31 years from now, what are they going to say about you?

Terry: Probably that I had a fixation about my music being more appropriate for Scandinavia or Asia than for Melbourne.

Scandinavian pop is delicious... as is K-Pop. As is Coach Bombay's music. So it makes sense. And we're hoping that cover is of John Farnham's 'Age of Reason'. Or Pat Benatar's 'All Fired Up'. Whatever it is, we're sure it's going to be most excellent. Big thanks to Terry Mann for answering our Q's and getting us even more excited about BIGSOUND Live! Keep up to date with all things Coach Bombay by heading over to his Facebook page and doing that whole like thing.

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