Friday, 22 August 2014

Song Review - Caught

by Eliza Hull
Album: The Bones of Us (TBA)

Time stood still
Silence in a room of people
Mouths gone dry my heart beats fast... 

Eliza Hull returns with 'Caught' the first new material since her ethereal 2013 EP, The Ghosts You Never Catch. Previewing her upcoming album, The Bones of Us, we're treated to another dazzling listening experience from one of our fave Melbourne songstresses, which sees her teaming up once more with Hayden Calnin on production duties. Theirs is the partnership that keeps on giving and Hull's voice along with the sounds and beats that make up 'Caught' could very well be their most effective creation yet, further positioning Hull as an artist that you must keep an eye on.

'Caught' is as dreamy as Eliza has ever sounded. Really though, it's absolutely the dreamiest Eliza has sounded. Her voice is full of warmth and sincerity which is extra impressive given the song's subject matter and the smattering of beats that come with the electronic territory. "I keep running into you, have I met you before?" I'm going back and forth between the narrator being "caught" in the same destructive relationship OR she seeks out the same type of destructive relationship. Have I ever told you that I generally find myself way off base when interpreting songs? "All of the stories, all of the fights, all of the running, the lonely nights... it's like it's happened before." Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Either way, Hull's talents as a lyricist and storyteller remain as strong as ever. 

"Then the lights went out." Shades of Bj├Ârk in the vocals in this blink and you'll miss it moment followed by clapping beats will catch you by surprise. It's a segment of 'Caught' that's over in a flash, but each time I hear it I find myself holding my breath and thinking, "damn this is gooood." That's not the first time Eliza Hull has managed to make me do that. I doubt it will be the last. We've only got our first taste, but I think that's all we're going to need to say The Bones of Us is going to be one knockout of an album. 

Matt Bond gives 'Caught' four Presets heads out of five...

And if you're lucky enough to be in Melbs on Saturday September 20, you should be heading on down to The Toff In Town to see Eliza Hull launching 'Caught' live! Joining her on the night will be Texture Like Sun and Lanks. Boom! Get 'yo tix right here!  

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