Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Song Review - Hey

by The Twoks (single out now)

Hey-hey! It was very exciting to see that The Twoks were back with a new single, a little ditty called 'Hey'. I feel like I have to use the word 'ditty' because of the heavy violin presence in The Twoks' songs. It just seems right, you know? "Move it, along with the others, I gotta prove it, if I want it. And I battle it out here on the floor, yeah I'm fighting for it 'cause I want it more than the others, oh give me a chance." Like their previous and equally loveable single, 'First Light', the imagery Xani Kolac is painting with the words she's singing is all kinds of awesome. From those first lines I'm taken away to an epic Flashdance-ish 80s movie. Our plucky heroine, totally from the wrong side of the tracks with dreams of making it in the big city (or something), is dancing for her life. Maybe you'll be taken somewhere else... 

Kolac on vocals/electric violin and Mark Leahy on drums/vocals make quite the pairing and they're doing one hell of a job at showing they can deliver completely infectious pop jams that you could throw on at a party and just know that everyone will soon be getting their dance on. If you could only use one word to describe 'Hey' it would be 'fun'. If you could use three words, you might go with 'so much fun' or 'oodles of fun'. The bottom line is that 'Hey' will go down as one of those songs that will quickly bring a smile to your face and make you feel OK with having a dance alone or with a group of your best buds. Or a stranger. Because that stranger will love this song too. The Twoks are killing it again and once again I am loving it. It wants to hear more. It wants to hear more now! Come on up to Brisbane for a live show... please? 

Matt Bond gives 'Hey' four Boy George heads out of five...

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