Sunday, 24 August 2014

Song Review - Seek The Wilde

by Jack Colwell and The Owls

Jack Colwell promised a 'baroque pop romp' on his latest single, 'Seek The Wilde' and none will protest that is exactly what is delivered, methinks. Just one listen and you'll be wanting to head out into the forest and dance like Kate Bush in the 'Wuthering Heights' video. With an obviously not-so-subtle nod to Oscar Wilde, Colwell combines his training in classical composition with his love for the works of two of music's modern day poets, Tori Amos and the previously mentioned Madame Bush. The final product, 'Seek The Wilde', is another fascinating addition to the discography of Australia's most intriguing new star, following up the previous 2014 release, 'Far From View'.

I imagine no one was really expecting to be secretly wishing for a 17th century revival within the music industry, but a couple of minutes with Jack and his harpsichord might change that. He'll have you partying like it's 1699 in no time. In all seriousness, it's a testament to Colwell's talent that he can take antiquated instruments like the harpsichord, oboe and flute and still create something that sounds as timeless as 'Seek The Wilde' does. And really, when was the last time the harpsichord ever sounded this cool? I'm thinking Joanna Newsom's 'Peach Plum Pear'. How great is it that we can even be discussing an artist using a harpsichord? I thought all the kids these days were just pushing buttons on an iPhone or something. 

You're certainly left wanting to hear more as 'Seek The Wilde' feels like it's over way too soon, but the great thing about that is you just get to listen to the song again. And again and again. Usually baroque pieces of music went for like an hour, right? So you should probably listen to this at least 30 times. Right now. It's so hard to label an act as unique anymore, but the shoe fits and Jack Colwell is going to wear it and stamp his feet around in it and jump around a stage in it. The scope of music sometimes feels like it's getting smaller and smaller. Artists like Jack Colwell should be celebrated and supported for creating music that keeps that scope from being so limited. I'm thinking Oscar Wilde would have loved the shit out of this. I know I do.

Matt Bond gives 'Seek The Wilde' four PJ Harvey heads out of five...     

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