Saturday, 23 August 2014

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - Guilty Pleasures

Sorry not sorry!

Guilty Pleasures
by Katie Langley

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it is hard to deny your feelings. Your head and heart engage in a battle, with your head urging your heart to get its shit together. Until you’re ready to publicly admit your feelings, and perhaps be mocked and judged, you keep them hidden. Friends, I’m ready to admit my true feelings to you… My musical guilty pleasures are late 90s/early 00s r’n’b and nu metal.

I can imagine that some of you recoiled in disgust. But you just stop right there. What do you listen to when no one is around?

Toploader - 'Dancing in the Moonlight'

I was intrigued to learn that this is a musical guilty pleasure for one of my hard rock and heavy metal loving friends. The thought of him spiraling around his room, twirling his hair in delight is entertaining. Of course, that is pure speculation and simply how I would imagine he listens to the song.

HIM - 'Join Me In Death'

Imagine my surprise and delight to find out that my very masculine friend has a soft spot for HIM and went so far as to admit they could reduce him to a "sook". Villie Valo, you are a miracle worker.

Nelly - 'Grillz' ft. Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp

This is not the type of music I would expect my ultra conservative friend to have a soft spot for. Does she like to imagine that she's a rapper? Does she own a pair of grillz? Does she ever wear a band-aid over her eyebrow? The mind boggles.

Slipknot - 'Duality'

By day I have an indie rock loving friend, but by evening he turns into Slipknot loving maggot. At the gym while he's pumping iron he enjoys nothing more than their dulcet tones.

Bomfunk MC's - 'Freestyler'

I discovered this gem in one of my friend's music collections by accident. There is no way he would ever admit publicly to liking it. It's OK, Matt, I won't tell anyone.  

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