Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - Love to Hate

 Joe Hockey: newest member of Nickelback

Love to Hate
by Katie Langley

Social media is a truly fascinating place. Some people are more passive observers, whereas others take great pleasure in sharing every detail of their life from their gym activity (#wanker) to their dinner (#cleaneating #wanker). I like to partake in beard and cat stupidity (#single), along with music related nonsense. Joe Hockey, well, he has used his social media platform to announce his love for Nickelback (#controversial). Gasp.

What once may have started as an accidental taboo admission now seems to have evolved into outright defiance and justification. He has clearly remained undeterred by the virtual facepalms and mockery. He has gone so far as to retort with "Why are so many people down on Nickelback? Surely with Foo Fighters they are the closest modern rivals to AC/DC for sing a long rock!". Say what you will about the mans political allegiance, but I just love his complete and utter nonchalant attitude about the whole thing.

I wouldn't typically describe myself as a fence sitter. Hello, have you read any of my other posts? I have opinions and I'm not afraid to unleash them. However, it may surprise you to learn that when it comes to Nickelback I haven't picked a side. I feel as though I have more questions than answers... Are Nickelback the band that people love to hate? What is it about them that really gets under people's skin? Have people just jumped on the hate bandwagon? Is it just that the haters are more vocal than the lovers?

Ultimately, Nickelback have sold a shit tonne of music around the world. Yes, that is the technical term. For every person that complains about their generic lyrics, generic sound, and Chad's appearance (is that even relevant?), there are plenty of other people forking out dosh for their music. I can't admit to owning any myself, but I know I've been drunk on the dance floor many times belting out the lyrics. Then again, I have also tried to swim backstroke through a crowded club before, so I can't always be held accountable for my actions.

Is Joe right? Are Nickelback just an inoffensive rock band that provide drunks with an opportunity for a sing song? Why do people care so much about Nickelback, genuine musicians, when there are popstars without any music ability who are happy to hide behind the likes of auto tune? Personally, I think it's time we/they/you found someone new to hate. If you're open to suggestions I'd like to throw will.i.am into the ring.

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