Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Video Review - Girls

by Coach Bombay (available August 15)

I read an article today and the headline of that article was something along the lines of; 'The Music Industry Is Literally Brainwashing You To Like Pop Songs' and it spoke of how we are brainwashed into liking some pop songs, which is an interesting concept, considering I've just heard the song and seen the clip for 'Girls' by Coach Bombay for the very first time and I totally and completely LOVE it. 

Am I being brainwashed? I don't actually care! What is there not to love? A stupidly simple pop song, with a simple beat and keys, some stupidly cute and funny lyrics and great 80s style clip to match. It's all pinks and purples (which means the 8 year old in me loves it), it's all leotards and tights (which means the skinny version of me loves it), it's all leg warmers and bad hair (which means the retro fashion devotee in me loves it) and it's totally ridiculous (which means the current me typing this loves it). Top it all off with the catchiest, silliest pop song and you have here my newest fave pop obsession.

Maybe all of this retro and pop simplicity is brainwashing, but if it is, it's the best kind of brainwashing. I'm certainly not going to complain if brainwashing is this much fun. Actually, you know what? Coach Bombay: come on! Brainwash me more please! 

Jo Michelmore gives 'Girls' four Presets heads out of five...

Want some more pop inspired brainwashing? Coach Bombay are playing some shows to launch 'Girls' and you can catch them on...

Fri, 5th September at Shebeen, Melbourne (with The Twoks and Halycon Drive)
Thurs, 11th September at BIGSOUND, Brisbane and 
Sat, 13th September at Beach Road Hotel, Sydney

And check out Coach Bombay's live dates and a whole lot more awesome music over at our brand new gig guide! Go on!

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