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Little May - BIGSOUND Live 2014 Feature Artist

Emergherd... Little May. We have had the biggest music crush on Little May's Liz Drummond, Hannah Field and Annie Hamilton ever since we heard their track 'Boardwalks' last year. And then we heard the follow-up 'Hide' and had some discussions about becoming Little May groupies... traveling from town to town where they were playing all gypsy like and free. What? They're that good. This year, the trio have earned a ton of play on triple J with 'Hide' and their 2014 single 'Dust' was recently added to their hit-list! So it should come as no surprise that Little May will be taking to the triple J Unearthed stage at BIGSOUND Live this year! You want to see them? Of course you do. So you'd better head on over to QMusic and get 'yo tickets while you still can. Joining us from Little May right here and now is Liz Drummond. With this chat, her third so far, Liz becomes our most interviewed performer on It's My Kind of Scene! Yay, friends! 

Performing as part of BIGSOUND Live 2014
Thursday 11 September - 10:40pm @ triple J Unearthed Stage - Oh Hello 

Hello and thanks for joining us at It's My Kind of Scene! How are you on this fine day?

Liz Drummond: Hello, It’s My Kind of Scene! I am fantastic thank you. :)

First things first... Moustaches or beards?

Liz: Beards. I also like moustaches, but I feel like a beard is the foundation for a good moustache.

BIGSOUND Live brings together a huge range of incredible acts from Australia and overseas. How do you feel being part of what's quickly become one of Australia's most well regarded music showcases?

Liz: Like most up and coming Australian bands, making the BigSound lineup has always been a goal for us. We couldn’t be more excited and thrilled to be a part of it. It’s not everyday that you get to play amongst artists and bands that you look up to.

For me, seeing musicians I may not normally be inclined to see is one of the best things about the BIGSOUND Live experience. You have a short space of time to play for people who may not know you or your material well. So, how do you decide what or which songs to play?

Liz: We are still in the process of deciding on our setlist for BigSound. Seeing a band live can be a very different experience to listening to their record.  I think we just want to play what feels best and works seamlessly.

Speaking of punters who may not normally attend one of your shows, have you got a fave memory of someone who may have come to see one of your shows? What about a least favourite? Gig from hell you don't want to re-visit? (Hopefully it's hilarious with hindsight?!)

Liz: Seeing strangers turn up to our gigs is just generally a wig out. We are still used to playing to friends and family. Splendour was by far the most amazing gig we have played. There was a lot of awful gigs early on, for various reasons; broken equipment, bad sound issues, on-stage nipslips, inappropriate/awkward stage banter.

If you get a chance to run around like a crazy person on the night/s to check out some other BIGSOUND Live acts, who would you want to see?

Liz: Holy Holy, Art of Sleeping, Jesse Davidson, L-Fresh The Lion, Seekae, Spookyland, to name just a few.

We all know of the awesomeness of BIGSOUND and we've all heard that SXSW is pretty darn good as well, but are there any other similar showcases in the world that you'd like to play, that we should know about? Anywhere else we should be dreaming of visiting before BIGSOUND returns to us, September 2015?

Liz: SXSW and Great Escape would be insane. We were lucky enough to be announced to play CMJ in New York this year which is an absolute dream come true. Lets all go to New York please! Yay.

What have you got planned for the rest of 2014, post-BIGSOUND? Any tours, festivals, stand-alone gigs, cake decorating courses, TV marathons or anything else we should know about that you'll be involved in?

Liz: It's going to be a busy and incredibly exciting end of the year. We are releasing our EP on October 10. We will be touring Australia in November, although dates haven’t been announced yet. We will be playing CMJ in November, and then Rhythm and Vines and Rhythm and Alps in New Zealand over New Years.  Hannah may find time to watch pre-recorded seasons of My Kitchen Rules.

Do you love song covers? If you could cover one song, right here/right now... what would it be and why?

Liz: Yes I love covers. Right now? When You Say Nothing At All - Ronan Keating. Or Hero - Enrique Iglesias. Why? Because they make me feel alive. I know you feel the same.

Something I often wonder. How often do you think to yourself; "is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?" I think the latter all the time...

Liz: Yes. I watched the Truman Show when I was 9, and ever since then I have realised that my life is being filmed and everyone around me is acting. Cue existential crisis. I’m just a poor boy nobody loves me.

When they air the MTV Behind The Music special about you 31 years from now, what are they going to say about you?

Liz: Why didn’t Little May hashtag better on Instagram? Their hashtags suck.


What? Now... reasons to see Little May at BIGSOUND Live: 

They are amazing. Their music is amazing. You may or may not see nipple. I'm not saying Liz is going to slip a nip, but it looks like it's happened before. But seriously, don't be such a pervert, dear reader. These three talented ladies are going to be a standout act amongst the amazing group of assembled artists at BIGSOUND. You are not going to want to miss their showcase. We certainly won't be missing it! Massive thanks to Liz Drummond for hanging out with us once again... you're always welcome around these parts! Stay up to date with all things Little May by getting familiar with their Facebook page. You'll want to know when that EP drops in October!

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