Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - Wave Your Hands In The... No

Wave Your Hands In The... No
by Katie Langley

If there's one thing I hate (other than joggers with jeans) it's being told what to do. There are so many rules and regulations in modern day living - it's exhausting. Keep left unless overtaking, don't get Mogwai wet, don't use the Christmas mug in the office because it belongs to someone, don't twerk at work, don't touch a beard without permission...  I try to navigate my way through the day following these guidelines, but as you can imagine, for some of those it can be a difficult.

I love music so much because it's subjective. How you think, feel and react to it can be completely different to others. After basically being told how to be in every other aspect of life, it's nice to have something just for me. This is why I feel so strongly about forced crowd participation at concerts.

Kanye West has copped a huge amount of flack this week for demanding that all fans at a Sydney show stand up to appreciate him in all his glory - even wheelchair bound fans. People are outraged that disabled people were spoken to in such a way. Sure, but what about the rest of us? Who does this self righteous prick think he is trying to make everyone stand up? To be fair though, Kanye is not the only one that is guilty of forced crowd participation.

Call me crazy, but shouldn't participation be voluntary? Shouldn't you feel so moved or excited or happy by the music that you feel compelled to react? Perhaps some gentle encouragement is warranted, but being pressured into standing up/clapping/waving your hands in the air/doing spirit fingers/yelling oi oi oi is bullshit.

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